The Hall of Doors by Janice Clark (Review by #NerdGirlJulie)


Title: The Hall of Doors 

Author: Janice Clark

Published Date:

Genre: Juvenile/young reader


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Sammy’s worried. Her cat has disappeared again. No one knows where Princess Buttermilk Biscuit goes on full-moon nights. Will she come back this time? Sammy decides to solve the mystery. When Sammy follows her cat up a moonbeam to a world of mist and moonlight, she meets Selena, who lives in a beautiful fairy-tale castle. Sammy enjoys exploring the castle with her new friend, and is fascinated by the Hall of Doors with its magical portals to other worlds. But the dreamlike adventure turns into a nightmare when Sammy is faced with the hardest decision of her life. Will she have the courage to make the right choice?
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***# Review***
Janice Clark’s The Hall of Doors is a magical way for young readers to learn valuable life lessons. While younger readers may be able to read the book, the nuances of the messages are best absorbed by readers aged nine and ten.

Moonbeams are magical pathways to a strange fairy land that only special cats and special children may visit. Each door in the hall of doors opens to an opportunity to learn something new or conquer a different fear. Each door offers an adventure…some more pleasant than others, but they each give young Samantha an opportunity for growth.

Ms. Clark masterfully reaches out to young children in her book and addresses issues such as patience, anger, forgiveness and fear. There are few illustrations, as befitting a book for the target age group, but they do enhance the story.

My one problem with the book is one instance where the author employed one of my pet peeves about writing. I abhor the use of periods between words to convey strong emotion, and I think use of that “colloquialism” in writing for this age group is a mistake given the target audience is still learning how to write correctly


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