Queen of Hearts: Sin City Collectors Novella (Sin City Collectors) by Kristen Painter (Review by Gladys – #NerdGirlOfficial)

 Queen Of Hearts Cover

Title: Queen of Hearts: Sin City Collectors Novella

Author: Kristen Painter

Published Date: July 1st 2014

Genre: Paranormal Romance


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Welcome to Las Vegas, home of the Sin City Collectors. The job description is easy: Bring the offending supernatural in to the Boss and don’t ask any questions.

Feline shifter Claudette Marchon traded life as a showgirl to become a Sin City Collector, giving up the glamour to earn some serious cash in order to buy her own business. Mission accomplished, she now runs a pawn shop specializing in gems and jewelry.

Life is good until a Collection job requiring her specific skill set lures her back in. The Queen of Hearts, a museum-worthy ruby and diamond necklace has been stolen from the Boss’s private collection and she’s his last hope to do what two other Collectors have already failed to do. Bring in the necklace. And the thief.

But gargoyle Jason Tennant isn’t quite the dangerous criminal Claudette expects. In fact, he’s not a thief at all. He’s former Special Ops and being set up by the real mastermind, forcing her to decide between the man she’s falling for and the man she works for. Proving Jason innocent may risk the Boss’s wrath, but Claudette’s heart says it’s a gamble worth taking.

What’s Collected in Vegas, stays in Vegas…


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***Gladys – #NerdGirlOfficial’s  Review***
“Wagging Eyebrows” this novella IS Awesome!  Another Sin City Collectors Success!

In this Sin City Collectors installment we have, Claudette Marchon and Jason Tennant.  She is a beautiful feline shifter with a sassy kick a** brain with honor and class wrapped in a sexy little package!  Jason Tennant is a gargoyle, with a literally a rock hard body and a secret.  A secret so big that he is willing to lose his abilities to save himself and the sexy shifter that just walked into his life!  She is supposed to bring him in, he is the enemy, but nothing is as it seems.  The story line is right up my alley and pulls on every heart strings I have at my disposal!  Sigh…

Kristen Painter’s writing is awesome as always!!  I am a huge fan of her urban fantasy series and was elated when she announced writing paranormal romance with one other of my favorite authors for Sin City Collectors.  It was refreshing to feel the development of the story unfold without the element of sexual tension.  You can feel Claude and Jason fall into a smooth rhythm together as the story line developed and I was so sad that it ended so soon.  I hope we get a glimpse of them in future stories.  Maybe get another novella.

Queen of Hearts was magic.  PUN INTENDED.   The novella was well written, the characters are 4 dimensional (meaning I could feel what they were feeling like it was happening to me – awesome writing x 100) and the world was in perfect harmony with the one created specifically for the Sin City Collectors Series!  The creativity was off the wall!  Teeeeee Heeeeee!  Especially since the creature chosen in this novella was the gargoyle!  I enjoyed the brief glimpse of the gargoyle mythology from Painter and can’t wait to see what other creatures we encounter in the city of secrets…

I tip my Nerd Girl hat to you, and then I take it off and bow to your greatness.  Exit stage!!!
5 stars ((Insert Applause Here))


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