The Other Tree by D.K. Mok (Review by Misty – #NerdGirlShadow)


Title: The Other Tree

Author: D.K. Mok

Published Date: January 2014

Genre:  Urban Fantasy


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It’s been four years since Chris Arlin graduated with a degree that most people think she made up, and she’s still no closer to scraping up funding for her research into rare plants. Instead, she’s stacking shelves at the campus library, until a suspiciously well-dressed man offers her a lucrative position on a scientific expedition.

For Chris, the problem isn’t the fact that they’re searching for the Biblical Tree of Life. Nor is it the fact that most of the individuals on the expedition seem to be fashionably lethal mercenaries. The problem is that the mission is being backed by SinaCorp, the corporation responsible for a similar, failed expedition on which her mother died eleven years ago.

However, when Chris’s father is unexpectedly diagnosed with inoperable cancer, Chris sees only one solution. Vowing to find the Tree of Life before SinaCorp’s mercenaries, Chris recruits Luke, an antisocial campus priest undergoing a crisis of faith. Together, they embark on a desperate race to find Eden. However, as the hunt intensifies, Chris discovers growing evidence of her mother’s strange behaviour before her death, and she begins to realise that SinaCorp isn’t the only one with secrets they want to stay buried.


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***Misty #NerdGirlShadow’s Review***
he Other Tree by author D.K. Mok is an interesting combination of archaeology, botany, religion and action. The main character, Chris, a cryptobotanist is in the midst of a personal crisis, being underappreciated, mourning her mother and losing hope in job prospects. She is joined by Luke, a priest who is suffering from a crisis of faith, while at odds with a corporate cover up. The book takes you on a sprawling adventure across the globe after Chris finds out that her father is gravely ill.
The idea of the “evil corporation” seemed a bit hokey to me, but Mok pulled it off nicely with a strong heroine, Chris, an interesting tortured soul like Luke, and a plot that would keep you wondering what would happen next. The book starts a bit slow, but after the scene is set, it takes off.
The characters are developed, the plot is pure and the adventure is intriguing. The banter between the characters is inventive and funny. I love the heroine’s dry sense of humor.
The action continues at a reasonable pace, and the ideas behind the story are introduced with detail. Nothing is what you would expect. Mok did a great job putting the reader in the middle of the action and describing the surroundings.  I enjoyed the book.


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