The Daughters of Teelan: Gina and Becky by G.E. STILLS (ARC Review by Derek – #NerdGirlDad)


Title: The Daughters of Teelan: Gina and Becky

Author: G.E. STILLS

Published Date: Expected July 19th 2014

Genre: Sci Fi Romance


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Gina is the only survivor when her spaceship is attacked by her enemies, the Men-gar. She crash lands on an unexplored planet populated by savage beasts where she must stay alive while hoping for rescue. When hunting for food, she saves an alien man named Joren from a horrible death. Her new companion is a welcome solution to her loneliness but when emotions come into play, her life becomes complicated. Gina may be small in physical stature but she is tenacious and her awesome abilities make her extremely deadly. Join Gina and Joren as their journeys take them from this primitive world to travel through the vastness of space.

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***Derek – #NerdGirlDad’s Review***

Some books in a series can be read as a ‘stand-alone’ even if the author says otherwise.

‘The Daughters of Teelan’ is very definitely not one such.  At the very least a reader must have read ‘From The Distant Past’ to make any sense of what is a brilliantly conceived and written tale. Ideally you will also be familiar with ‘The Sons of Teelan’ and thus think of as friends the whole family from Matriach Kat to the latest generation, including Gina, Becky, Aaron and Blake, together with their husbands/wives.

The story is similar to ‘Sons of’ in that Becky is marooned and then finds her life mate. However, that is not a criticism. It worked well in ‘Sons of Teelan’ and if anything even better in ‘Daughters of’.

The enemy (of humans and everyone else civilised) is still the Men-gar and I for one hope the series continues until they get their come-uppance.

As with the previous two books the romance between different species is so well written it seems natural and it will come as no surprize when Kat is able to manipulate the genetic materials of Becky and her mate so that they can have children.

For lovers of action, there is plenty as a covert operation by the Men-gar is thwarted just in time. Very definitely worth a read – even if you have to buy all three so far published, and note – the author tells me that Book Four has already been agreed with his publisher.


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