Soul Mates: Magic (Soul Mates, #3) by Elizabeth A. Lance (Review by Amanda – #NerdGirlWitch)


Title: Soul Mates: Magic (Soul Mates, #3)

Author: Elizabeth A. Lance

Published Date: August 2013

Genre: Paranormal


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Abbey Fergus has grown up knowing she wasn’t human, that she was Fae. The little sister of the Prince of Light and Illusion and ruler of the Felidae Clan, Abbey has spent her life living between two worlds. This has never been a problem for Abbey, she enjoys both worlds, but it hasn’t ever been easy. She’s been protected from all things Dark all of her life. As a little girl, the humans thought she was the weird girl who talked to ‘ghosts’ in a strange language and were constantly testing her for autism. All because her Fae guards who were under glamour, taught her to read and do math long before the rest of the children. As a teen she was still the weird girl, very smart and a bit on the shy side, but because she was a friend of Daire’s (the Fae warrior disguised as a hot football player), the humans left her alone. 
Now Abbey’s eighteenth birthday is approaching fast and her nice safe world has turned to chaos. She soon finds that Daire and the other Fae have been keeping a very big secret. The war between Light and Dark is still going on in full-force and The Queen of Air and Darkness is after her. So Abbey has some tough choices to make, like who to date, how to stop the Queen and what kind of leader she wants to be, because the deadline on her choices ends with the Winter Solstice…
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***Amanda – #NerdGirlWitch’s  Review***

 I freaking love this series! if I could give it more then 5 stars I would! Elizabeth lance is a god! Abby and Daire are sooo adorable! I love them! and they can kick some butt! I so enjoyed there trips to the Never Never and I got a big kick out of the Goblin King! I so loved this book I never wanted it to end!

I such a big fan of Elizabeth’s work she really knows what draws her audience in and knows how to keep them captivated throughout. She knows how to keep you guessing and how to keep you on the edge of your…and best of all she knows how to spice it up and keep the hot guys coming and the romance a sizzling!…lol

The Queen of Air and Darkness was really brutal in this one brining out all the stops and all her big bad dudes. Her and Her daughter are really great Villains I love the way they strategize and come out all in force all the time, they are incredible villains.

if you haven’t read these do so mow as they are the best! great for the paranormal fans out there like me!


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