Demons on Her Shoulder by K.T. Bowes (Review by Kat – #NerdGirlParanormal)


Title: Demons on Her Shoulder

Author: K.T. Bowes 

Published Date: March 23rd 2013

Genre: Mystery / British / Contemporary Fiction


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From his perch at the top of a pillar in Lincoln Cathedral, the imp watches city life with an air of stony detachment. Tourists peer continually up at his location, desperate to see the reason for the city’s unusual carved mascot. To some, he is clearly visible but to others, he will remain an enigma, a demon on the shoulder of a quaint rural town. 

Jayden Mitchell has a secret, one which threatens to destroy the success of her work within the Lincolnshire Parish of St Jude’s. She is one of the best counsellors that the parish has ever employed to sort out the hidden mess of human frailty within the prosperous inner city congregation, but if anyone was to find out about her past, it would all be over. 

Someone knows and they have the power to detonate Jayden’s life completely. As the attractive woman holds on tightly to the double life that she has created for herself, struggling against a vicious tide of destruction, a murder at the church complicates matters further and brings her ever more into the spotlight. 

Jayden’s continued friendship with Raphael Abbadeli, the handsome Italian gym owner, causes Jayden to take stock of her isolated existence and wonder if perhaps she should consider a more complete relationship with the confusing male. But the arrival in town of his equally handsome brother makes her question what it is that she really wants. 

As life in the rural city spirals quickly out of control, the demons come out to play and press home their advantage, banking on their influence to continue the suppression of Jayden’s former self. They ride on her shoulders mercilessly, Anger, Guilt and Death, clawing their way into her psyche and attempting to keep her prisoner. 

Yet a higher power is in play, forcing the odds in Jayden’s favour and lining things up so that she has to face her demons once and for all, or be forever trapped. 

This is a novel of restitution and hope, demonstrating that unique and powerful human ability to build a life from the ashes of destruction, a life without emotional demons.


***Reviewer Advises Parent Warning For Under 15***
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***Kat – #NerdGirlParanormal’s  Review***
As the Cover clearly shows this book is based in the City of my Home County, and a favourite place to visit both as a child and as an adult, the synopsis also intrigued me and I jumped at the chance to review this book for

The main character is Jayden Mitchell and she is hiding a past that could threaten to destroy the success of her work as a Councellor for the Lincolnshire Parish of St Jude’s.  Jayden isnt perfect and she is struggling with her own demons,  and a murder at the church complicates matters further and brings her ever more into the spotlight.

Her demons take the advantage, they ride on her shoulders (as the title of the book suggests), Anger, Guilt and Death, batter her psyche but is a higher power is in play,  turning the odds in Jayden’s favour, lining things up so that she has to face her demons once and for all, or be forever trapped.

Although this book has its plot based on Christian fiction, it’s done in the best possible way, its not overpowering or condescending  and Jayden is a very believable MC she has made mistakes, she can’t help having feelings for has romantic a married man and has a best friend who  is gay.

Ms Bowes also describes very eloquently the despair of having a parent succumb to Dementia, and the other traumas that are broached in the story line, she has done this with Aplomb, and compassion, Jayden a Victim herself finally has to come to terms with the fact that she has locked herself away rather than deal with the full affect the Trauma she suffered.

She finally has to face these and the author creates a world that you immerse yourself in – I was kept guessing almost to the end to who the murderer was, and the romance is done in such a gentle way – No Graphic Sex, but this book does deal with drugs, rape and murder, so I would say that although is is OK for an age group 15+ it would be with Parental Approval.

But I feel that I would allow my teenagers to read it as the story is so well told it really does make you take stock of your own life.

I want to read more of K T Bowes works  – both of my home country and also her New Zealand based books as I also love the country having lived there for a number of years.

I highly recommend this book to any genre of reader – its a journey of discovery and you really do think about what demons you are carrying around on your own shoulders!


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