The Killing Times (The FBI/Romance Series #1) by Morgan Kelley (Review By Tina – NerdGirlMama)


Title: The Killing Times (The FBI/Romance Series #1)

Author: Morgan Kelley

Published Date: September 1st 2012

Genre: Romantic Suspense


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Then: Salem, MA 1692. Burning, hanging, stoning and drowning were the way they killed a witch. The trials were a joke, and the deaths were a shame. The Killing times changed so many lives… forever. 

Now: Salem, SC. Elizabeth LaRue has come home. After a stint in the FBI, a failed assignment and a disastrous affair, she has returned to a town she willingly walked away from, her body and heart battered and bruised. Her father’s sudden death has brought her home, opening up more questions that need answers. As she agrees to step in as Sheriff, she finds that the sleepy town isn’t quite as tranquil as she thought. A string of bizarre killings that are mimicking the Salem Witch trials is plaguing the town, and scaring the people she has sworn to protect. 

Elizabeth now has to call in the FBI, and be faced with a past and people she is trying to forget. 
Will Ethan Blackhawk be her salvation or her ultimate downfall?

Time is running out, bodies are stacking up, and there are only two options. Stop the killer, or die trying.


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***Tina – #NerdGirlMama’s Review***
 I enjoy a good Romance and add in murder, suspense, and thrill ride with it and I am ready to read.   The title of this book “The Killing Time” is what caught my attention first and then the synopsis just drew me and I had to read this one even though I had not read any of Morgan Kelley’s previous books.  This book slowly draws you in and the author’s writing in alternating POV’s also helps to grab hold of you and you just do not want to stop reading.

The main characters Elizabeth LaRue, known as Lyzee to her friends is a no nonsense Sheriff of her hometown Salem, SC a position her father held until his passing.  Lyzee is a tough ex-FBI agent, feisty, quick tempered, sometime foul mouth who speaks before thinking sometimes, insecure, and yet a kind and gentle hearted woman.   Ethan Blackhawk known to his friends as Cowboy is Native American tall dark and handsome FBI Agent who bends and sometimes breaks the rules, but he is a bit controlling, loyal to a fault, insecure, and a kind and gentle soul who protects with everything he has.  The sleepy little town of Salem, SC is being plagued with murders of women and they are starting to stack up, so Lyzee has no choice but to call in the help of the FBI and it is love at first sight for Lyzee and Ethan.  Their lives will never be the same and they will need to depend on each other to solve these crimes and a wild ride along the way.  I will have to say that there was one thing that the insecurities of these 2 characters has to be written into the story as it unfolds so that you know that they have this issue, but for me there was just a little too much of the mental questioning of the insecurities for both Lyzee and Ethan.  I have to say for me it did bug me a little, but it did not take away from the story.

Morgan Kelley’s writing flows and you can relate to these characters and you can picture what is happening as your reading.  It is a wild rollercoaster ride of emotions you will laugh, cry, happy, sad, anger, shock, and sometimes want to slap them across the back of the head.  This book is filled with love, HOT Sex, heartache, extreme loyalty, betrayal, and many twist and turns and you will think you figured out who the killer is a couple of times, but you will be wrong or maybe half wrong and the epic ending of an all out battle and fight to the finish and killer revealed that you did not see coming.

If you love a good romance filled with suspense, murder, mystery, and a thrill ride then I recommend this book for you and you will not be sorry you did.  I give this book 4 stars all the way and I cannot wait to read the next book in this series.


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