Courting Danger (Agents for the Crown #1) by Elizabeth A. Lance (Review by Amanda – #NerdGirlWitch)


Title: Courting Danger (Agents for the Crown #1)

Author: Elizabeth A. Lance

Published Date: November 11th 2012

Genre: Historical Romance


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Christopher Fairfax, the new Earl of Durham has no desire to marry, however his friend Jonathon Montgomery has other plans for him. Even knowing that his friend wants to marry him off, Chris joins him on his journey believing that he will be able to resist the charms of any young miss put in his path. Ellen, intrigued by the handsome friend that has returned from Egypt with her brother, instantly falls in love with Christopher Fairfax as their eyes meet across a crowded room. However, she soon learns that his good looks mask an overly protective and demanding man that sets them immediately at odds with one another.


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***Amanda – #NerdGirlWitch’s  Review***
I loved this book! I can’t seem to get enough of Elizabeth A. Lance’s writing I love it all! She is such a passionate and creative writer and you can see it in the telling of this historical tale. She brings her characters to life in a way that it feels like your not in the past but in a day to day present, everything seems such at ease and you live side by side the characters throughout it all.

The balls and gowns and of course the dashing gentleman in this one were wonderful and full of style and grace. I loved each of the characters! I really liked that Ellen was a bit of a spitfire and tended to go off on people when you lest expected it and that her and her friends would sit and gossip about the men kind of like women today would, admiring their backsides and such…lol

This tale had a bit of danger and mystery in it, without giving anything away I will say there is kidnappings, chases, strong tempers, violent outbursts, fist fights and much more! The villain keeps the book audience on it toes waiting for him to pounce!

The stolen kisses and romantic scenes where the best part though as the main characters were so in love! nothing better then the anticipation of being together, of the wait and wait that comes before marriage. Of course things are done a little differently now but the anticipation is still there none the less.

Make sure to get your copy today! a great read for all the historical romance fans out there!


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