The Agora Files by Adam Oster (Review by Derek – #NerdGirlDad)


Title: The Agora Files

Author: Adam Oster

Published Date: November 29th 2013

Genre:  Post Apocalypse Action Thriller


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Cyrus must run for his life, but can he run from love?

When dying alone on the hot sands of the Mohave Desert, Cyrus has no regrets. He loves a challenge. Being tasked with running from San Francisco to Boston in fifteen days, while the United States government and a host of bounty hunters hunt for him, sounds like fun. Being at death’s door only a day into his trip doesn’t faze him either. It’s when he’s joined by fellow runner Eve, bringing new emotions to the surface, his confidence cracks.

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***Derek – #NerdGirlDad’s Review***
The length is 390  pages, but in my opinion the story (a very good one) would be better told in about 200. When half way through I was thinking ‘I really don’t care whether he makes it to Boston or not – I just want to see how it ends.’ Then I changed to turning the pages wanting to see what happened next as more details of life in the USA of the future were told and I developed a liking and sympathy for the hero. I several times thought that I would like to learn just how the United States degenerated into what we read about – maybe in the sequel?
The story is complete in itself but by the end I really wanted to see how everything, and in particular Cyrus’s relationship with Eve, worked out. The book is well crafted and I recommend it to you.


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