Deceive Me in Ireland by Whitney K.E (Review By #NerdGirlJulie)


Title: Deceive Me in Ireland

Author:  Whitney K.E

Published Date: January 2014

Genre: Romance


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Her cousin, Kate had warned her about the Irish charm. And Cara had been foolish enough to ignore her. In Ireland to be Maid of Honor in Kate’s wedding, Cara hasn’t a clue that the handsome Irishman who is seated next to her is the infamous brother of her cousin’s fiancé. And William O’Reilly doesn’t plan on telling her. Not yet, anyway.

Silver-tongued and devilishly handsome, William had Cara wondering if he is the same man she met on the plane. Should she give him a chance or heed her cousin’s warning and keep him at a distance? 

The same unique and quirky characters from What Happens in Ireland come together again to celebrate the wedding of Kate and Jack in the fresh and humorous sequel, Deceive Me in Ireland. Like Kate Barrow, her cousin Cara discovers that resisting the charms of an Irishman isn’t as easy as it seems. William O’Reilly is as silver-tongued as his brother, Jack and determined to make the woman realize his worth. And her own.
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***#NerdGirlJulie’s Review***
Deceive Me in Ireland is the second book published by Whitney K-E, and it is just as charming as her first, What Happens in Ireland.  Although this book can be read as a stand-alone, I think it is much better as a follow on to What Happens in Ireland.

Cara’s and William’s fateful meeting is a result of her cousin’s and his brother’s wedding to one another.  As William has business interests in both Australia and Ireland, he happens to meet Cara on his return flight to Ireland.  It never hurts to have a handsome and flirtatious seat partner on a long flight!  Cara the unsure, bundle of nerves doesn’t feel like a good match for William the handsome, charming tease, but they eventually provide balance and bastion for one another.

The plot of the story is well paced and allows for satisfactory development of the primary and secondary characters.  Aurhor Whitney K-E does an excellent job describing the landscape and people within the story’s setting.  I almost felt like I’d traveled to both Ireland and Australia.  Although I was fairly certain where Cara and William would end-up, the plot twists and relationship misunderstandings made for an interesting journey to that expected HEA.  It’s a bit of an angst, long-distance love story where no one comes right out and says what they want.  Thank goodness for employees like Dan who have a few life experiences under their belt and can goad you into sticking your neck out and taking a risk!


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