Pole Tricks by N Kuhn (Review by #NerdGirlJulie)

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Title: Pole Tricks 

Author: N Kuhn

Published Date: March 30th 2013

Genre: Erotica


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tippers live life on the edge. These strong women earn money doing something most woman are afraid to do. They bare it all. Body and soul. Follow these short erotic stories that will set the pole and stage on fire!

***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***#NerdGirlJulie – Review***
Pole Tricks is a book of three erotic short stories.  The first two stories are each told in two parts.  Each story centers around strippers, who never engage in relationships of any kind with their clients, but each end up have sex with a client upon their first meeting at a strip club.  Essentially, each story is a one night stand.
Being short stories, there is not a lot of room for character and plot development.  The first story. The Secret Billionaire, has a Pretty Woman vibe to it.  The second story, Ladies Night, made me think of Magic Mike since the male lead was a dancer/stripper a la the infamous Chippendales Dancers.  The third and final story has a bit of a twist, and I don’t want to give away the fun idea of this story’s plot.
This book is a very quick read.  It would be perfect for an afternoon at the pool or a short vacation flight.  The book is not appropriate for readers under the age of 18, and sensitive adult readers may not care for content either.

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