Wishes (Legacy #2.5) by Molly Cochran (Review by #NerdGirlEmily)


Title: Wishes (Legacy #2.5)

Author: Molly Cochran

Published Date: April 29th 2014

Genre:  YA Paranormal


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In the e-only companion to NYT Bestseller Molly Cochran’s Legacy and Poison, Katy Ainsworth learns that wishes come with consequences.

On Walpurgisnacht, where it is said that fairies abound, Katy meets a troubled fairy who must grant her every wish. But her wish for Peter to love her madly quickly backfires when he follows her around obsessively and weeps over her inattention. So Katy tries a different approach—but a wish for popularity brings about trouble as well. Can her good intentions make up for the misfortune and disappointment that seem to follow every wish? Katy must battle the magic of the Fairy Queen and her henchman to undo the spells—but can she truly repair the damage she’s done?


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***#NerdGirlEmily’s  Review***
 I was excited when I was offered this book for review. A book about teenagers and troubled fairies is definitely the sort of thing I like to read.

I felt that this book had a really good concept and the characters seemed very interesting to me.  I wish that there had been a bit more backstory for one of the characters especially, Artemisia, because she really intrigued me but I wonder now if that might be in one of the other books. I also wish that they had gone into more detail about the fire jumping and the Beltane celebration.  I think that would have added more enjoyment for me.

I received this book as a “stand alone” and didn’t realize until coming to review it on Goodreads that it was part of a series. Although from looking at other comments people seem to agree that this can be read by itself I personally think that I would have liked it more if I had read the others first.

I found that then end was a little confusing and I felt that generally the story was all action (which is normally good) but in this case I found I needed a little time to breathe.  This could be because I was trying to learn about the world though which if I had read the others might not have been so important.

I give this book 3 1/2 stars out of 5 which I rounded up to 4 on Goodreads and Amazon  I think I probably would have given it an actual 4 if I had read the other books first.


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  • Lisa B.

    Great review. It’s very helpful. Thanks for the warning that it would make a difference if you read the others first.

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