Bloodborn by Susan Stielow (Review by Gina – #NerdGirlCirynnite)

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Title: Bloodborn

Author: Susan Stielow

Published Date: June 26th 2013

Genre: YA / Paranormal Romance


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 Gracie Ambrose has only vague memories of her father, who mysteriously disappeared on her sixth birthday. As she prepares to graduate high school and face the loneliness of losing her best friend, Kellan – who is moving across the country to attend college in Connecticut, she decides to go in search of answers about her long lost father. Gracie’s quest soon leads her to the very town where her best friend, and secret crush has gone… Asylum Hill. There, in the little picturesque town, Gracie finds more than she has bargained for, and is drawn into a world that is made of her nightmares.  As Gracie nears her eighteenth birthday, she discovers that her father was not just an average man, and she is not just an average teenage girl. She is a precious commodity and there are some who would stop at nothing to possess her. Gracie’s feelings for Kellan are soon put to the test when she meets the handsome yet unexplainably familiar, Liam Kingston. With his unique ice-blue eyes he captured her heart, and awakened a fated love that was doomed from the start.  Stepping out of the shadows of obscurity and into a whole new world where her dreams can mean the difference between life and death, Gracie grapples with the revelation of what she is about to become, and the dreadful choice she must make that will consume her heart forever


***Contains Strong Language ***
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***Gina – #NerdGirlCirynnite’s Review***
First thought after reading Bloodborn was where is book two!! Wow.. that was a great story that kept me engrossed for an evening. It’s really hard to write a review without giving away spoilers at this point and the synopsis is really good at dragging you in to read the story. I was like… ooo I really liked this part and oh my goodness you did not go there! LOL I am an interactive reader. I really enjoyed the character interactions; especially those between Kellen, Gracie and Liam. I also liked that there was a difference between fate and destiny; it’s usually used interchangeably but there is a subtle difference between the two. I am curious where this distinction will go as the series progresses. There were only a few downsides to this book. One being a few word swaps that didn’t detract from the story, in my opinion. It was like council instead of console. It’s not something spell check could pick up, so I felt it was well written but could use a little more polish and maybe a go with a professional editor.

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