Text (Take It Off #4) by Cambria Hebert (Review By Gladys -#NerdGirlOfficial)


Title: Text (Take It Off #4)

Author: Cambria Hebert

Published Date: December 11th 2013

Genre:  NA


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One text can change everything. 

Honor Calhoun never thought her life would ever be like the books she writes for a living. One morning while out for a run, she learns not all bad things are plots in novels. Some horrors can actually come true. She faces off with a persistent attacker, holds her own, but in the end is taken hostage and thrown into a hole. In the middle of the woods. 

But Honor didn’t go down there alone. She took her kidnapper’s phone with her. With a spotty signal and a dying battery, her hope is slim. 

Nathan Reed is an active duty Marine stationed at a small reserve base in Pennsylvania. All he wants is a calm and uneventful duty station where he can forget the memories of his time in a war-torn country. But a single text changes everything. Nathan becomes Honor’s only hope for survival, and he has to go against the clock, push aside his past, and take on a mission for a girl he’s never met. 

Both of them want freedom… but they have to survive long enough to obtain it.


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***Gladys – NerdGirlOfficial’s# Review***
What can I say?  I read the 4th book in the series 3rd.  I know they are stand alone but I did read it   after I read Tempt!  Now I thought I loved Tempt and Cambria couldn’t top that suspenseful book with another equally thrilling ride but I was wrong.

The thing I loved most about Text is Nathan.  He is far from Perfect.  He isn’t beautifully scarred or just the right one to make a girl swoon.  BUT he is the right one to save Honor.  From the bad guy?  From the bad day?  From herself??  Or from himself???  Who knows.  Well a lot of people do of course because they read the book and found it as equally exciting as I did.  You grasp what I am saying though right??  Anyway!

I am not going to tell you much more then the synopsis.  It pretty much sets the stage for what happens and it happens pretty quickly so don’t think that it will just be this slow buildup.  You get punched in the gut right away and you won’t want to stop reading.

Cambria has a way with her words that brings me right back to point 1 with her.  Like I have never read a single book from and I opened the page, read her writing and fell in love with her creativity for the first time.  Shrugs…  maybe that is why I am such a faithful fan.

That feeling didn’t change in this novel.  My love for her grew.  My appreciation hightened and my respect rose.  She can write in any genre she wants and still brings authenticity to the table.  Young adult, paranormal romance or contemporary fiction/NA.  I tip my Nerd Girl hat to her once again.  I am sure I will in the future BUT TEXT IS MY FAVORITE!  (So far)



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