DYSTOPIA by Anthony Ergo (ARC Review by Amanda – #NerdGirlWitch)



 Author: Anthony Ergo

Published Date: Expected August 2014

Genre: YA /Paranormal / Adventure / Romance


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“There is another existence which operates in parallel to what we know as the ‘real world’. It is a place of paranormal entities and supernatural beings, the like of which most people don’t believe in. Sometimes, the two worlds meet. When that happens, we are called upon.”

It’s Friday the Thirteenth and it’s Sasha Hunter’s birthday. It’s also the anniversary of Dystopia day; a catastrophic world-wide blackout, and the day Sasha’s mother disappeared. Three years on, the world has started to recover. But for Sasha, everything is falling apart. When a strange boy delivers a mysterious game of hangman, Sasha makes a shocking discovery which will change her life forever. The world, still in recovery from the fallout of Dystopia Day, is no longer the safe place she thought it was. Only by discovering the truth can Sasha hope to save herself and everyone around her.

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***Amanda – #NerdGirlWitch’s Review***
This book was awesome!   Anthony Ergo is a great author and I really enjoyed the uniqueness of his story, characters and the freshness of reading a story that spoke to me so much. I did find the main character Sasha to be annoying in the beginning but as the story progresses you get to see her grow and mature as a character and as a person, plus teenager, they are all annoying right…lol

As a person who has dealt with spirits and ghosts my whole life I really felt a connection to this story. I remember the fear of first discoveries and first adventurers and how fearful I was to connect with those gifts and really acknowledge them for the first time. Sasha had these same fears and it helped me to connect with her.

I really liked Aaron and Zara they were very interesting characters and very different from each other. Aaron made me laugh at every turn and Zara marvelled me with her wit and cunning, both were strong and sure and great friends to Sasha.

The Bad guys in this one were the greatest! totally creepy and totally spooky! I loved it! there is nothing better to a story then a creepy villain! and even though you pretty much know through out the book who the bad guys are thet doesn’t stop the surprises from popping out!…lol

I defiantly recommend this to the people out there who love a good ghost story! this was great!


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