Caylee’s Confessions by Candice Burnett (Review by Melanie – NerdGirlVamp)

 Caylees Confessions

Title: Caylee’s Confessions

Author: Candice Burnett

Published Date: May 12th 2014

Genre: YA (Mature) Fantasy / Paranormal


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This journal that you’ve found, is not a desperate tale of failed high school love, or a laundry list of complaints from that person who always got picked on. This journal belongs to me: Caylee Raupp, AKA Undead Assassin-and by “undead” I mean non-human-and these are my confessions. I hope, whoever finds my scribbles will find the strength and knowledge to join me on my quest. I’ve left you with as much information as possible, in the amount of time that I can afford. I’m asking you to use this information to help me-and yourself-because I can no longer do it alone, for complications have arisen that make this no longer possible. I invite you to take on this journey with me. This journal has all the insight you’ll need to take on this task. I must warn you though-the information in these pages cannot be unread, and in consequence, could put your life in danger, should you choose to help..


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***Melanie – #NerdGirlVamp’s  Review***
This was a very cleverly written YA book from a “new to me author” that had me hooked from page one. Written from Caylee’s point of view you get to follow her journey through a world she never dreamed existed when she started out.

I loved that this all started over a boy! There was no great destiny driving her, it wasn’t “Meant To Be” and that added a real freshness to the events unfolding.

A strong female protagonist is always a fun read for me but this definitely stepped it up a level. Twists and turns that I certainly couldn’t predict leave an ending that whilst totally unexpected, really worked for me.

A very well deserved 5 stars from me!



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