Curse of the Sacred Wolf (The Assassination Race series) by Ronnie Stich (Review by Derek – #NerdGirlDad)


Title: Curse of the Sacred Wolf (The Assassination Race series)

Author: Ronnie Stich

Published Date: October 22nd 2013

Genre: Fantasy / Mystery


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Father Martin Bonaparte’s life is in serious danger. At the request of Nikolas–head of the most notorious underworld biker organization in the State of Texas–Martin will venture into a world of ancient evil. A shocking and unexpected chain of events will take them to the west Texas border where Edward Bloodgood (head of The Secret Afterlife Society) and Martin’s only sister, the ravishing but rebellious Deidra, will ask the conflicted priest to perform an unspeakable act of exorcism. A primal darkness has been unleashed upon Earth. The souls of humanity are being judged by an outer world. The unexpected, with a side of horror, continues.

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***Derek – #NerdGirlDad’s Review***
This book is the second in the ‘the assassination race series’ and continues in the same vane as the first, ‘Secrets of The Afterlife Society.’ Whilst it is possible to read and follow ‘Curse of the Sacred Wolf’ as a stand¬-alone novel, I found it hard going and in the end read this one twice, enjoying the second reading as I would if I had done the sensible thing and read them in order. You will find yourself happy to condone the technically illegal antics of the characters as their society (not the Afterlife Society they belong to) is as corrupt as one can imagine.
The author has a great command of the language and once anyone is described they will live in your memory for the duration of the book, probably longer: what more could you want?

Well worth the five starts I gave it.


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