The Unknown Sun (The Destiny Series Book 1) by Cheryl S. Mackey (Review by Melanie – #NerdGirlVamp)

 Unknown Sun

Title: The Unknown Sun (The Destiny Series Book 1)

Author: Cheryl S. Mackey

Published Date: May 1st 2014

Genre: Fantasy


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 Seventeen-year-old Moira is haunted by the accidents that claimed her parents and sisters. When a strange boy who seems to know too much about her past attacks her, Moira fears death will come for her a third time. She is rescued by twins Airi and Belamar, the winged heirs to the throne in Skyfall, and taken to safety in their world.

But Skyfall is dying, and the gods who had created and protected Airi and Belamar’s world have been missing since the Great War. Moira, Airi, and Belamar must find a journal left by the twins’ deceased mother, Tanari, that tells of a prophecy that must be fulfilled to find the gods known as The Unknown Sun so that Skyfall can be saved.

Deeper, darker, secrets unravel around the three friends as a revolution threatens their quest and the boy who tried to destroy Moira on Earth hunts them. Tanari knew more than she had let on, and within her journal a story is more than it seems, the past foretells the future, and a far-reaching plan is unveiled.

Why did Tanari reach across time and space to entrust a simple human girl with saving Skyfall? Who are the mysterious “Four” mentioned in the journal? And why does another god want her, and The Unknown Sun, dead?

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***Melanie – #NerdGirlVamp’s  Review***
I can’t quite put my finger on what stopped this from being an outstanding read for me. The characters are detailed well and are fairly original, the world is well described and fully thought out, but something didn’t quite work.

This is a well written fantasy novel with a story that moves at a fairly decent pace. There is a generous amount of action, in fact all the elements that really should have made it a page turner.

I think it just has to be a disconnect between the author’s style and myself although even now I fail to see where it is.

I would still recommend Fantasy lovers check this book out. I think there are a huge number of readers out there that would become firm fans. Sadly I was just not one of them. 

3 1/2 out of 5 stars from me (Rounded up to 4 as per my protocol)



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