House of Neotar by K. L. Abbott (8-chapter excerpt from novel Nescada: Kindler of Flames) – Review by Melanie – #NerdGirlVamp


Title: House of Neotar

Author: K. L. Abbott

Published Date: October 2013

Genre: Fantasy / Adventure


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Driana and Zelphinae go to live with Dmitri and Nreid in the House of Neotar, where bonds are shared, and then shattered; where the past is remembered, the present revealed and the future lays in ruin. In a world of deception, intrigue and powerful secrets, three young children must survive the great danger that connects them all, to save themselves and the ones they love.


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***Melanie – #NerdGirlVamp Review***
This was an interesting piece to review from the point of view that the author states up front that it is an 8 chapter excerpt and yet they do not feature the main protagonist from the full novel that they relate to.
That being said the world created is definitely interesting, as are the characters that the author introduces during this time.  The author has got the world well developed in their mind and they do a good job of getting this across to the reader.With only 62 pages to judge from I can tell you that in my opinion this work has great potential.  If the author can keep the standard this high through a whole novel it will certainly appeal to fantasy lovers out there especially if they like a little sci fi feel mixed in (which I do)

I would definitely be interested in seeing what happens when the full novel comes to fruition.


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  • Tiffany Anderson

    It sounds interesting especially since it’s only an eight chapter preview!

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