Marina: A Kelly Family Novella (Kelly Family) by Lashell Collins (Review by Kristin – #NerdGirlSoldier)


Title: Marina: A Kelly Family Novella (Kelly Family)

Author: Lashell Collins

Published Date: April 2014

Genre: Romance


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Marina Kelly is sick to death of cops! That’s all she’s known her entire life – her father is a cop, her uncle was a cop. All of her cousins are cops. Even her two brothers and her big sister … all cops. So Marina decided early on that her life would take a much different path, taking her as far away from that lifestyle as she could get. And dating a cop is totally out of the question!

Levi Hawks is well aware of Marina’s ‘no cops’ dating rule, so when a supposed chance meeting brings him face-to-face with the sexy shop owner, Levi is determined to hide the fact that he’s a police detective from her for as long as he possibly can. Or at least until he can get her to agree to go out with him!


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***Kristin – #NerdGirlSoldier’s  Review***
Marina is the youngest of the Kelly siblings. She’s also the only one of the clan who’s not a cop. Instead, Marina has opened a barkery…a bakery for dogs. I love that Marina followed her dreams instead of giving into the demands of her father that she become a cop too. She’s very successful at what she does and her business is thriving. Marina is a lot like her older sister Frankie despite not being a cop; like Frankie, she’s an inspiration for women to be what they want and follow their dreams no matter how many people are telling them they’re going to fail. Marina hasn’t dated much and when she does date, she has one rule: she will not date a cop. She loves her family but just can’t bring herself to date a cop.

Enter Levi. He’s a detective which makes him a cop. Levi is incredibly attracted to Marina and doesn’t understand her “no cops” rule. He asks her out on a date but omits that he’s a cop, trying to win her by letting her get to know him instead of his job. It works…until a break-in happens at Marina’s business. To say that it’s not the way he wanted her to find out is an understatement.

In this story, you get to know Marina. You get to know why she ticks the way she does, as well as why she doesn’t want to date cops. While Storm is my favorite male character of this series, I think Marina has become my ultimate favorite. She doesn’t back down and she doesn’t run away crying when she meets challenges. You will see lots of similarities between her and Frankie, but what makes Marina ultimately different is her ability to break away from the family tradition of going into the police academy and choosing her own path.


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