Storm: A Kelly Family Novella (Kelly Family) by Lashell Collins (Review by Kristin – #NerdGirlSoldier)


Title: Storm: A Kelly Family Novella (Kelly Family)

Author: Lashell Collins

Published Date: April 2014

Genre:  Romance


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 Bad boy cop Storm Kelly is on the prowl for some action. And the way he’s feeling, he doesn’t much care if it comes in the form of a bar fight or a smart, sassy woman. So when he gets off his Harley and walks into a biker bar, he’s in his element when he finds both … barroom brawl, check. Rescue the damsel in distress, check. And with any luck, that sexy damsel might just turn out to be the perfect sub he’s been searching for.

Nina Fitz is in a world of trouble when the sexy stranger comes to her rescue. Never one to resist a hot guy on a motorcycle, she quickly decides to invite this one home. And when the jerk from the bar decides he’s not through with her, Officer Storm Kelly becomes her protector. But after one night of passion with Storm, Nina is left wondering if she can handle his dark dominant side.


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***Kristin – #NerdGirlSoldier’s  Review***

Storm Kelley is my new favorite of the Kelley boys. He’s got it all: hot, bad boy cop who’s also dominant. I’ll take him! He’s also got a soft spot for damsels in distress. Out of the four Kelley siblings, Storm is the one who has the most difficult relationship with their dad. He’s the oldest so naturally he’s expected to follow in dear old dad’s shoes. Storm rebels against it and does his own thing. I love that about him. He’s not one of those guys who just lays down and takes it. No, he fights for what he wants and is damn good at his job.

One night after a particularly bad fight with his dad, Storm is in rare form and finds a bar that cops don’t go. He’s looking for trouble and he finds it alright. He finds a woman, Nina, being held against her will by a nasty thug who’s trying to rape her. Storm rescues her and takes her home. He’s attracted to her, but he won’t make a move without her consent.

Nina’s in over her head with the guy from the bar and doesn’t tell Storm the whole story. Instead she focuses on her attraction to him. She’s not sure about the “kink” he’s into until he uses it on her and she’s hooked! She doesn’t know he’s a cop until she thinks someone’s breaking into her house and he’s the one to respond to the call. Nina’s sure that once they find out who’s behind the stalking, Storm will leave for good.

This story is fast paced and is a quick read. It gives us some drama while focusing on Nina and Storm. You get a better sense in this book I think about why the Kelley siblings don’t think that their dad loves them or is proud of them. You also get a look at why Storm feels the most hostile towards their dad. He’s a fantastic character and you’ll love him. Nina isn’t your typical whinny damsel in distress; in fact she tries to find her own way home at first. You won’t be disappointed when you pick this book up.

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