In His Silks by Patricia D. Eddy (ARC Review by #NerdGirlLaura)


Title: In His Silks

Author: Patricia D. Eddy

Published Date: **Expected Publication June 10th 2014**



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Elizabeth Bennett never dreamed that a sudden downpour could change her life. When she falls across the feet of Boston’s richest playboy, Alexander Fairhaven, that’s exactly what happens. Rescued from the rain, Elizabeth finds herself in Alexander’s limo, unable to stop him from seeing through the pain that’s made her strong but kept her alone. 

Alexander recognizes the untrained submissive inside Elizabeth immediately. The golden-haired beauty consumes his thoughts and dreams like no woman ever has. He wants her in his silks, bound to his bed, screaming his name as he pleasures her. Can a woman with her strength and her scars trust him to be her Dom? Can she trust him with more?

When danger comes for Elizabeth, Alexander is there. Forced to rely on this man who both thrills and frightens her, will she embrace her submissive side? Will she give him her trust? Her heart? Will she let Alexander bind her In His Silks?

*This book is for mature audiences only due to several hot scenes of bondage, spanking, and mind-shattering orgasms. All participants are over 18 and all sex is completely consensual.


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***#NerdGirlLaura’s Review***

 Now anybody that has read my reviews for Patricia D. Eddy, knows I love me some Patricia. So I will not lie, I was nervous about reading and reviewing this book. Now romance novels are not a guilty pleasure for me, but that’s because I feel no guilt when I read them. However some can be quite, stale. It is so easy to fall into all the clichés and think because it has sex scenes and alpha male then it’s a good book. It needs more than that.

So now I would like to apologise, I am sorry Patricia for ever doubting you and I will NEVER do it again, I promise. I should have known that you would not let your readers down, even with your change in genre with this book.

First, yes the story is boy meets girl and romance ensues. However the story that runs through this romance is solid and would draw you in even without the beautiful rich Alexander (and his brother Nicholas) making you melt. It creates suspense and brings another layer to the book that some romance novels can sometimes miss out on.

I really liked both characters, Elizabeth is strong and sweet and vulnerable but in no way is she weak. At some points I was thinking nope, I do not like the thoughts running through your head.  I shall explain, since we are in Elizabeth’s head we get to hear every thought she has, which means we even get to hear the thoughts that if we’re to be honest a lot of women have but dismiss or ignore or sometimes acknowledge. Patricia doesn’t shy from those thoughts which take us through Elizabeth’s journey grounding the story in reality. Alexander is a gentleman, and having the book split between both points of view gives you chance to get to know him through his eyes as well as through Elizabeth’s.

This romance novel will be really good for seasoned romance readers as well as you guys that have read a few stories with romance, but haven’t taken the plunge to a book that is firmly in the romance genre just yet. This book will please people who need more story with their romance and those that enjoy well written sex scenes that fit seamlessly within the story and fit with the characters that Patricia has created.

I started this book and finished it in the same day, I give this story a 5 star rating because Patricia created a story that pulled me in and kept hold until it was over. Her ability to create worlds and characters that you connect with is amazing.

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