Frankie: A Kelly Family Novella (Kelly Family) by Lashell Collins (Review by Kristin – #NerdGirlSoldier)


Title: Frankie: A Kelly Family Novella (Kelly Family)

Author: Lashell Collins

Published Date: April 2014

Genre: Romance


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Frankie Kelly has fought her whole life to prove that she is just as capable as all the men in her testosterone-driven family. And now her hard work and dedication to the police K-9 program is finally beginning to pay off. But when her secret, sexy romance with her sergeant culminates in a marriage proposal, Frankie is thrown for a loop wondering if she’s ready to go public with their clandestine relationship.

John Myles is sure of two things in life – one, that he is dedicated to the K-9 program he leads at the police department. And two, that he loves Frankie Kelly more than life itself. But when she hesitates to accept his proposal, John is rattled. Especially when the job gets in the way, forcing him to send her and her K-9 partner out into the dark night in search of a dangerous murder suspect.


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***Kristin – #NerdGirlSoldier’s Review***

 Meet Frankie. She’s one of the Kelley siblings and a K-9 officer. She’s also hiding a secret from her dad, who just happens to be the Captain of the police force. Frankie loves her dad and always thought of him as her personal superhero. So when she decided to become a cop, she thought he’d be proud of her. She was wrong. Instead, her dad treats her like she’s still a child and laughs at her position in the K-9 unit. That’s one reason why Frankie keeps her relationship with her Sgt a secret from her dad.

Sgt. John Myles leads the K-9 unit and is Frankie’s boss. He’s also sleeping with her. Do lines get blurred? Yes. Especially when a late night call to Frankie sends her and her dog Bo into harms way. John is an incredible man. He loves Frankie for who she is and is incredibly proud of her work in the unit. He understands her need to train hard and make sure that she and Bo are the best team in the department, but he also feels that she does this more to make her dad see that she is a good cop.

I loved this story. Frankie is such a great strong female character and she’s someone that I think can inspire young women to be whatever they want. She follows her heart and pours her love into her job and into her relationship with John. I enjoy that we get to know Frankie without having a complex story unfold so we can focus on who she is as a character. John completes her and I love that he’s always got her back. I hope to read more of them in this series!

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