Ethan: A Kelly Family Novella (Kelly Family) by Lashell Collins (Review by Kristin – #NerdGirlSoldier)


Title: Ethan: A Kelly Family Novella (Kelly Family)

Author: Lashell Collins

Published Date: April 2014

Genre: Romance


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 Officer Ethan Kelly is a nice guy. That’s what all the girls say, right before they toss him aside for one of those bad boys. But when he meets rookie officer, Heather Moss, Ethan is determined to show her that a nice guy knows how to treat a real woman.

But Heather isn’t interested. Or at least, she doesn’t want to be. She swore off men a long time ago, and focusing on her career leaves zero room for romance. Even with someone as sweet and sexy as Ethan. But when she saves his life on a robbery call, Heather realizes that he might just be the man to save her from herself.

***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***

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***Kristin – #NerdGirlSoldier’s  Review***

 In this first novella of the Kelley family, you meet Ethan and Heather. Ethan’s from a long line of cops and is on the force himself. He’s more of the strong, silent nice-guy type than your typical alpha male bad boy. I loved him from the first few pages. He’s sincere about his feelings for others and family is very important to him, even if he’s always compared to his brothers. When he meets the new female cop, Heather Moss, for the first time it isn’t pretty. They meet at a crime scene where they discover a dead body. Being the more experienced cop on the scene, Ethan helps Heather with her first crime scene and helps teach her the ropes. Great guy, right?

Heather seems to think he is, but she’s decided a long time ago that men aren’t important. What she’s not prepared for is just how attracted she is to him. Heather has always had to be strong and independent. She’s not sure if she can let someone else in, especially when that someone is as hot as Ethan. She struggles a lot with the idea of having a relationship with Ethan and has just about talked herself out of it completely when he shows her that he can be patient with her. I’m not saying they fall in love after one date, but they choose together that they want to learn more about each other and try to have a relationship together.

I enjoyed this quick read. There were great lines thrown in and I felt like was reading a cop show. I think the only thing I’m unsatisfied about is that we don’t know what happened to the person who died. Other than that, pick up a copy and get to know Ethan!

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