A Witch’s Welcome (The Swamp Witch #2) by Sonia Taylor Brock (Review By Amanda – #NerdGirlWitch)


Title: A Witch’s Welcome (The Swamp Witch #2)

Author: Sonia Taylor Brock

Published Date: November 22nd 2012

Genre:  Paranormal


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The second book of the Swamp Witch Series, the story continues. Dan Rawlings, an investigative journalist has joined forces with the unusual people who live in those swamps.

An awakening of an old and evil foe threatens all supernatural creatures. A distress call is sent out and you won’t believe who answers that call. Humans, Supernaturals and many others too weird to describe are embroiled in a battle to save their way of life.

This book is full of adventure, mythical creatures, love and romance and painful loss. You will love the characters and the twists and turns they take to band together in a united front for survival.


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***Amanda – #NerdGirlWitch’s Review***

 Epic Read! Sonia Brock is a story genius! I made the mistake of reading this book first …lol… silly me and it is great as a stand alone story but I defiantly recommend you read the first one as there were certain things I didn’t understand in this one until I read the first as they aren’t explained in this one.

I loved this book though I found this story even better then the first! the battles were better and the characters more developed. I loved seeing the relationships and friendships grow, and the villain in this one was totally EPIC!

I know I have said it before but Villains are the best part of the book! without them there is nothing for the heroes to do but sit on there butts..lol..In this one MaMere goes up against the biggest and baddest foe ever! and the battle is so awesome! there are even more creatures in this one too.

I like that this one goes more into the the histories of the characters and the island as well. We get to go on many new adventures and learn so many twists about the characters you will be left on the edge of your seat! and not only does the story take to the sky’s in this one but goes totally underground!

this series is one of the best and is great for all the supernatural genre fans out there! I highly recommend both these books!

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