The Inheritance of a Swamp Witch (The Swamp Witch #1) by Sonia Taylor Brock (Review by Amanda – #NerdGirlWitch)


Title: The Inheritance of a Swamp Witch (The Swamp Witch #1)

Author: Sonia Taylor Brock

Published Date: May 5th 2012

Genre: Paranormal


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The Legend of the Swamp Witch has been told for centuries in the Swamps of Southern Louisiana. Dan Rawlings, an ambitious young reporter finds in the swamps a missing heir to a fortune, and the story that will make Dan famous. But, more than he bargained for, The Boogeyman is real, and Dan may be his descendant.

The longer he stays the more he feels himself changing – and it feels real good. Suddenly Dan is in a battle to the death, ready to defend this place and these people that have stolen his heart. He came here for a story, but who would believe?


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***Amanda – #NerdGirlWitch’s Review***
Amazing story! Soina Brock is a incredible writer with a vivid and wide imagination. I fell in love with her story right away and loved all of the characters! The history the lore and the unique personalities of each and everyone of the characters was amazing! They all came together so beautifully and I don’t think it could have been written any better.

The villains in this were amazing as well bring out of the wood work all kinds of amazing and creepy creatures to battle. I have said many times in my reviews how a great villain my opinion is one of the most important pieces to a story and this book had the best villains! they came from everywhere and they were all different attacking from all different directions! it was a masterpiece.

Another important factor of course are the heroes and let me tell you this book had it all when it came to heroes! I couldn’t believe the amazing and wonderful characters in this story! I always like to pick a favourite character from the sidelines as they don’t get as much recognition as the main characters but in this book there were no side characters they were all main characters! I loved this fact and it made the book stand out even more in my opinion.

That being said I still had a favourite character and that was scratch patchy. She made me laugh and I really just thought her to be a fun and really unique character.

I would highly recommend this book for others who love to read the supernatural genre like me. It was an amazing read!


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  • Rebecca Kidwell Gaskill

    Wow, this sounds really good.

  • Sonia Brock

    So happy you liked the books! I am working on the next book in the series called Hawk’s Spell! If you need something to fill in the gap, I have published a collection of short stories about MaMere and her interaction in the little bayou community she lives in. There is even a rare meeting with Marie Leveau! De Lady Down De Bayou. In the meantime, I am back at work pecking out the next adventure!!!!!

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