Reborn by S.L. Stacy (Review By Lauren – #NerdGirlSphinx)


Title: Reborn

Author: S.L. Stacy

Published Date: November 5th 2013

Genre:  Fantasy / Paranormal Romance


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Back in high school, Siobhan Elliot’s life was simple: Cheerleading, friends, and parties. But that all changed the night she and her friends investigated a mysterious light in the woods. There they found an injured man–an irresistible man with hypnotic blue eyes and magnificent black wings. A man Siobhan recognized. He was the handsome dark angel from her dreams. And with one touch of his hand, he left her with a special gift: a set of mythical wings that would change her life forever. Then he disappeared without a trace. Siobhan thought she would never see him again.

Now, six years later, her dark angel reappears –this time as a teaching assistant at her college. He calls himself Jasper. He challenges everything Siobhan thought she knew about herself and her world. And he’s come back for only one thing: her.

Or so he says. Siobhan is about to find out that nothing is what it seems in this strange, new world.


***fFew intimate scenes in the story, but not as graphic as most romance novels.***
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***Lauren – #NerdGirlSphinx Review***
This is such a fun read for anyone interested in Greek Mythology. S.L. Stacy has created a completely new Greek Mythology world and made it absolutely fascinating. I also was very excited to discover that even though it is placed in the Paranormal Romance genre it is more paranormal fantasy with just a tad romance thrown in.  There are only a few intimate scenes that were nicely written, and not too in your face.  This is important because the story is not centered around the romance, or any love triangle (though there is a love triangle – quadrangle?), but about the growth of our resident heroine as she learns of her past life from people who are not the most trustworthy, and works through who she is as an individual.

Siobhan is such a fun and dynamic character.  She was a cheerleader in high school, and in college she is on the board in her sorority.  However she is also happy to be in yoga pants and a t-shirt.  She is not the typical high maintenance sorority sister.  She is smart.  She is organized.  She doesn’t take shit from people.  That includes: Jasper, who is quite an ass hole – but you still want to root for him; Max, who is really creepy, and I still am not sure that he will be gone in the next book – he’s the kind of guy that you can’t get rid of until you’re in witness protection.  Seriously. And then there is Jimmy, who can also be an asshole, but at least he has a reason.

I cannot wait for the next book.  There was no real cliff hanger with this story – I mean, there sort of is, but it isn’t one that is going to drive you completely batty until the next book is released.  You want more, but you will still have all of your hair come release day.  There are so many different areas of the story that raised questions and I cannot wait to see how they turn out!

The only reason I did not give this story a 5-star rating is because there is a bit of an inconsistency in the plot regarding a secondary character.  Even though they do not have a main role, they are still an integral part of the story, and I’m quite shocked that I am the only one that has noticed it (based on the other reviews I have read through). Other than that, the editing was pretty on par with other indie books (and mainstream) – only a few missing punctuation marks.  Nothing that draws away from the story.

All in all a great debut novel and start to what is looking to be a fantastic series!

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