Descent (Hidden Wings 0.5) by Cameo Renae (Review by Cianna – #NerdGirlSunshine)


Title: Descent (Hidden Wings 0.5)

Author: Cameo Renae

Published Date: May 15th 2013

Genre: YA Fantasy


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In the beginning… the start of it all.



The Fall.

Take a journey back in time, to a place where Emma’s lineage begins, and where answers lie in unraveling secrets of the past. This is a story of forbidden love, an unbreakable bond, and the start of a dark adventure that will fill your heart with many emotions.


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***Cianna – #NerdGirlSunshine’s Review***

What a great little story! I read Hidden Wings so fast, and luckily the next book was waiting for me, but I started Decsent,because I wanted to find out more about Samuel and Alaine. They are such a Romeo & Juliet star crossed, destined lovers, and I love that we meet them as Emma’s parents in Hidden Wings, and I love that they get to be together! This short novella covers the birth of Alanie, her life with her adopted parents, Samuel meeting Alaine, and then the birth of Emma, and passing her on to Alaine’s half sister to raise! We also get the story of how Samuel survived being executed, and who helped me. It’s a great interesting filler story to give you more background on some things you may have wondered about, and give you a really sweet interesting look at the parents of Emma, and their personal story. I really loved it, there’s not a lot of plot arc, because we’re experiencing important parts of various stories, but Alaine with the wolves was pretty intense, and gives us a fun look at her powers as a half angel. We also get some more hints at who Alaine’s father is. I have a guess but I’m holding on to it, I won’t tell! :) Overall, loved these little short peek into the history before Emma. Great read!

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