The Sons of Teelan (Aaron and Blake) (The Generations of Teelan #2) by G.E. Stills (Review By Derek – #NerdGirlDad)


Title: The Sons of Teelan (Aaron and Blake) (The Generations of Teelan #2)

Author: G.E. Stills

Published Date: March 12th 2014

Genre: Sci Fi


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After a brief, but deadly battle, Aaron destroys the enemy Men-gar spaceship. His own craft, heavily damaged during the encounter, requires that he land immediately. He has no choice but to crash land on the unexplored planet below. 
Surviving the crash is just the beginning. When he regains consciousness, he is the prisoner of a primitive native woman. Is she really primitive though?


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***Derek – #NerdGirlDad’s Review***
To get the most out of reading this, you must have read ‘From The Distant Past.’ 
Preparations for the coming battle when the Men-gar eventually find Earth continue, but in this book the author Gary explores the lives of the next generation of those you have come to love and probably think of as family. First Aaron, one of Kat’s sons wins a battle against a Men-gar battleship, but at the cost of damage to his ship, necessitating a crash landing on an unexplored planet. His adventures, from being held captive by La’lani to helping her fight her people’s enemy on that world are well described and you would be very dense not to realize they are falling in love. Most of the story concerns their developing relationship (extremely well described) and adventures, but then we meet Blake, another of Kat’s sons and he too meets his future wife, another alien. The general theme is, ‘love conquers everything,’ but readers wanting space battles, hand to hand combat etc. will not be disappointed. I certainly wasn’t and look forward to the next instalment, Daughters of Teelan featuring Gina and Becky.


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