From the Distant Past by G.E. Stills (Review by Derek – #NerdGirlDad)


Title: From the Distant Past

Author: G.E. Stills

Published Date: August 15th 2013

Genre: Sci Fi


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Kat awakes to find that millions of years have passed since she went to sleep. The Earth has changed. Her artificial intelligence implant soon informs her just how much. Her long deceased father has given her a seemingly impossible task to accomplish. To her relief, her AI informs her there are other women from her time that will help once she has revived them and like herself, they are not ordinary women. Now if she could just get off the island where she is stranded. Enter Nolan and his boat.


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***Derek – #NerdGirlDad’s Review***
I confess that, to my shame, this is first GE Stills book I have read. From just this one and the first chapter of the second book in the series (included at the end) I can with confidence say that the world of Sci Fi now has a worthy successor to E.E. Doc Smith.
The plot is original, fascinating and he has Doc Smith’s ability to describe the characters and action scenes. He keeps to the self imposed rules and limits in his world . (As all Sci Fi readers will know this is where many fall down.)
Male readers will fall in love with Kat or one of her sisters and female readers will identify with her/them. Many will do as I did and read it all in one sitting – the plot and writing are that good!


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