London Falling (Falling #2) by Audrey Carlan (Review By #NerdGirlPatricia)


Title: London Falling (Falling #2)

Author: Audrey Carlan

Published Date: May 1st 2014

Genre: Erotic Romance


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I feel things. Deeply. More so than most people.
Call it an empathic ability, call it whatever you want. It doesn’t change the fact that I am unable to love…at least not again. When you’ve had everything and lost it, there is no do-over. You can’t repair a shattered heart. 

Instead of the pursuit of Mr. Right, I’m forever enjoying Mr. Right Now. It’s worked for me the last four years and will continue for the rest of my days. 

Then I met him. Collier Stone. My sexy Englishman. He is everything I don’t need, but can’t deny wanting. His body, his sheer essence calls to that deep place inside me. 

Doesn’t matter though. Regardless of how delicious his accent or how intense the chemistry that sizzles between the sheets, the simple fact remains. I will never give him, or any man, what they need from me. 

My name is London Kelley and I will never fall in love.


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***#NerdGirlPatricia’s  Review***
 London Falling is the second book in the Falling series and I’ve had the pleasure of reading both of them. London Kelley is the sensitive and intuitive sister of Aspen Reynolds, the main character in Angel Falling. London has been hurt before-losing her one true love to a car accident when she was 22. James died because his kidneys were too damaged from the accident to keep him alive and no donor could be found. When London lost him, she vowed never to love again.

Years later now, she meets Collier Stone. He’s British, and with his half-brother Nathaniel, owns a successful law firm that represents Aspen. London meets Collier at a reveal for a renovation she did for a client and the attraction is instantaneous. Collier pursues her, but she won’t let him have more than her body.

Collier, for his part, is ready to settle down, particularly when he meets London for the first time. The book follows their burgeoning relationship as they go through misunderstandings and very hot and steamy sex.

Overall, this was a good book. I actually enjoyed it more than Angel Falling because this book focused more on feelings than on ONLY the hot and steamy sex. However, there were a few things that left me unable to give it five stars.

First, Collier’s overuse of slang. He’s British, and so I wanted there to be some sexy British banter. There’s a reason why Hugh Grant, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Clive Owen are super hot. It’s the accent! But since Collier is a lawyer and a successful one at that, winning very high profile clients with ease, I don’t think he should be using quite as much slang in his everyday speech. Much like Hank’s speech in Angel Falling, the slang was dialed up to an 11 when it should have been kept to an eight.

Next, the ending. There’s a happily ever after. That’s the only overt spoiler I will give you, but I thought that the way it was done was a little too cliché and telegraphed. I knew what was going to happen the instant the two of them left the ranch.

That said, the two main characters were both flawed, made mistakes, and then learned from their mistakes. They worked well together as a couple and as individuals. The novel was very well written and edited, with few technical issues and it had my requisite elements. Smart woman. Hot and smart alpha man. A good supporting cast and a satisfying (if predictable) ending.


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