Treacle Mountain (Annie’s Story – #1 ) by F.W. Pinkerton (Review by Kat – #NerdGirlParanormal)


Title: Treacle Mountain (Annie’s Story – #1 )

Author: F.W. Pinkerton

Published Date:

Genre: Adult Drama / Thriller


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Growing up in a bad neighbourhood – just trying to get by and survive without support or love from any family or friends is all Annie has ever known.

Can she now at the age of 17 make any difference and clean up the area she lives in when surrounded by drug dealers, prostitutes and generally the scum of society. Against all these odds will she ever be able to climb Treacle Mountain or always remain hidden away in the shadows crying alone? 

Everyone has a bit of Annie in them: some choose to fight, some choose to lurk in the darkness and fly under life’s radar. Can Annie’s inner courage win and make a real difference? 

Will a mysterious stranger change her life forever? 

Set mainly in New York – Bronx


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***Kat – #NerdGirlParanormal’s Review***
The main character in the book Treacle Mountain is Annie Doe, she’s living in the projects lucky to have a roof over her head, she lives in a run down hovel with a low paying job working in a soup kitchen, but she’s thankful for it, it’s better than being on the other side of the serving hatch, but the pays not enough to survive, and most days she only just has enough to eat.

The author has focused on the issues of how Annie and the sub characters cope with living with poverty, despair, drugs and prostitution.  The Author describes the environment and atmosphere quite well, you really get into the plot.  I liked how Annie tried to be inherently good in her actions and nature, although I did love her way of dealing with the people who ended up on her very long Naughty List!
Annie is not unaware of her situation, but she tries to be positive and clings to that little glimmer of hope.

As I read the book ( I tend to read a book blind most of the time, it makes for more of an interesting adventure) and I was thinking that the plot would go in a certain direction, but the Author has the plot going in a few different directions.  But the main focus is on Annies daily life and how she tries to make a difference, in the people she knows, she tries to do nice things for her neighbors, looks out for people, and tries to choose the right path for herself and for few people who are kind to her in her dreary world.

As to the writing style I think the author has put a lot into describing the environment and the characters, but sometimes I wondered where it was all leading to… Lots of what’s happening now, this happens that happens…But where’s it all leading too???  ITS only at 98% into the book do we finally start to get some answers to why Mr Denim Jacket man is keeping an eye on Annie.

I was just getting into the  story as he starts to reveal his intentions and the plot starts to lead on to why he befriended her and was so intent in helping her and BAM it ended, and at this point there is a statement that then makes a small snippet of information garnered about Annies past earlier in the book, that suddenly made sense, but then this wasn’t developed, as I read on I got the feeling that the information was just being told, it felt rushed and I feel it spoiled the rest of the book which I had up to that point enjoyed reading.

And by this, I mean the outline of this ending had the bones of being a good end, but it should have been given more depth, like the rest of the book, but instead it was quickly despatched to the reader in 8 and a half pages (on my iPad in portrait viewing).  SERIOUSLY I kept flicking my Kindle app confused to why the next page wasn’t appearing…and then it twigged… that was it, it ended on that last quick paragraph…  In conclusion I guess that the author plans on this being a series but for me I feel this was not the place to end it, instead of me being keen to get my hands on the next installment it left me feeling confused.

So to end this review I give the book – 3 stars   (which means I liked it – and I did I just didn’t like the last 8.5 pages)


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