Violet Lust: The Vampire’s Attraction (Part One) by Ashley Spector (Review By Gladys – #NerdGirlOfficial)

 Violet Lust

Title: Violet Lust: The Vampire’s Attraction (Part One)

Author: Ashley Spector

Published Date: November 3rd 2013

Genre: Paranormal Erotica


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 Hurt, despondent, and dumped by her boyfriend, Lara Middleton sets out into the night in search of a distraction; what she finds is the gorgeously attractive, curiously enigmatic Leon St. Ledger, watching her intently from afar. Pulled together by an almost paranormal magnetism, and fuelled by alcohol and bitterness, Lara finds the prospect of heading home with him irresistible, but as she soon finds, Leon is far from a regular one-night stand! Ravaged by a desperate hunger, he bites her in a fit of passion; can the few remaining strands of the vampire’s humanity regain control, and save his naive companion’s life?

This steamy 15,000 word erotic romance novelette is the first book of Ashley Spector’s sizzling series, Violet Lust. Intended for an adult audience, this enthralling tale follows a bitter and heartbroken young woman, desperate to change her life for the better, who may have bitten off more than she can chew; a gorgeously enigmatic vampire, fighting his beastly urges – and losing – as well as a host of lurid, submissively sumptuous sex scenes! Pick up a copy today!

***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***Gladys – #NerdGirlOfficial’s Review***

Vampires! I love them, BUT I should have paid heed to the “Part One” in the title and I wouldn’t have been so grrrrrrrrrrrrr at the end. Anyway it was a well written story.  You can tell the focus is on Lara.  Full Character Development was on her.  I am interested to see if Spector’s next “Part” focuses solely on another character.  It makes for an interesting concept.

Anyway, Lara is your average girl in her early twenties, who works full time at a barista.  With the weekend off she is totally excited and can’t wait to get home to start getting ready for her hot date with her boyfriend of 6 months.  Sigh…  Life is Good. Right??

Until she turns on her cell phone.  That creep is breaking up with her via text message.  Lara being very level headed gets home before she zaps out.  AND when she does Lara decides to go out anyway and see what she can bring home. As she gets ready she takes very special care of her body, more than her normal shaving. Well, you will get the picture when you read the book.

Her careful grooming, self-confidence and natural beauty of course attracts the attention of you guessed it a VAMPIRE!!!

And that’s all I am going to tell you.  Lol…  it’s a novella if I tell you more I will be giving you an abbreviated version of the whole thing.  I would still tell you to read it.  It was well written BUT I expected more Paranormal.  I guess that’s in Part 2.  I see she has all the parts in a set.  When my review list dies down, I am coming back to find out about our Lara.  She had a wonderful night with her vampire but…  *sigh*  you will have to read this novella and the rest to find out what happens to our beauty.

I liked it; I would have loved it more if it didn’t end where it did.  Let me read the rest before I tip my baseball hat to ya.  AND I WILL BE READING THE REST!!!

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