Under the Moon by Rose J. Bell (Review By Katie, #NerdGirlKtLBLy)


Title: Under the Moon

Author:  Rose J. Bell

Published Date:

Genre:  Romance


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After causing the accident that killed her father and two innocent people, Selena Johnson is left disfigured and without hope. Taking care of her sick mother and her brother, Selena tries to escape the reality.

Keenan Case thought that he was invincible, until one tragic night shattered his world. Left alone with his guilt, he does everything to become a better person.

Circumstances bring Selena and Keenan together. The moment Keenan sees Selena, he decides to pull her out of her shell. Selena tries to keep her distance while Keenan wants to know more about her.

Soon they begin to feel more for each other than friends should do. But will love bring them together or destroy their friendship?


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***

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***Katie – #NerdGirlKtLBLy Review***

The story was ok but unfortunately it’s been done before and it’s been done better. The story is about Selena who works at a hospital as a waitress in the cafeteria. About 3 years earlier Selena was driving a car with her father and got into an accident that took her father and two other victims. Selena has been scarred on her face so she’s very antisocial and always tries to cover her face as much as she can. One day at work she meets Keenan Case who is visiting his cousin Grace (who is also Selena’s best friend since she started working at the hospital) who has cancer. Keenan had been in an accident a few years prior that led to a very tragic event and in the process his leg got damaged so he has trouble walking sometimes. Keenan knows what it’s like to not want to go out and want to sulk all the time before trying to restart your life so he thinks he can try to help Selena. He thinks that she is a nice girl and pretty even with her scar and wants to try to get to know her, but Selena thinks that she shouldn’t deserve to be happy for the accident she caused. It’s a standard ugly duckling meets beauty and the beast scenario. While the idea is good I just wish that some of the characters were a little more fleshed out. The story goes by so quickly that certain aspects that would usually take a while to process happens rather quickly. There are also a few times where the characters think they might start to like each other a lot and want to tell the other but they get interrupted and it got a little old for me quickly.
So overall, the story was just good but not great for me that’s why I had to give it a 3 out of 5.


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