Guard My Heart (Tainted Hearts 0.5) by A.J. Summer (Review by Kristin, #Nerdgirlsoldier)

 Guard My Heart

Title: Guard My Heart (Tainted Hearts 0.5)

Author: A.J. Summer

Published Date: November 2013

Genre:  NA Romance


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Bound by birth – Separated by consequence

I can’t paint for shit. I can’t carry a tune to save my life. But I have a story.

A story that started out brave. A story that started out humble. A story of total destruction.

What would you do to save your family?

My decision was easy, the consequence was death.

I am Kyle but most people know me as the RUNNER.

How did this start?

Seven days. In Seven days I changed my world and the world of everyone I loved.

I could tell you a story about love and sunshine and of all being right in the world. But I won’t because that isn’t my story.

My story is so sweet it will make your teeth rot. My story is so real it will make you believe in fairy tales. My story will rip your heart out and leave you bleeding all over the pages.

Outcast, rebel, misfit, all those words applied to me. Until I met him.

I fell in love once.

All it took was seven days. Seven days and my heart turned, twisted and thumped right next to his.

But not all stories have a happy ending….

Guard My Heat is book one in the Tainted Hearts Series. It follows the twins Kyle and Mia through seven days that changed their lives forever.

NOTE: This book contains mature and sensitive content and is not suitable for readers under 18.(less)


***Contains Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***

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***Kristin – # NerdGirlSoldier’s Review***
 Guard My Heart is the prequel novel to the soon to be released book, Runner. It gives you two stories in one. The book starts with Kyle’s story about how he protects his mom and twin sister Mia from their very abusive stepfather. He makes choices in his life that are morally wrong, but because he wants to protect his family, he feels they are the right ones to make. Kyle is selfless; he puts the needs of his sister and mom before his comfort. There is one decision he makes that will change not just his life, but Mia’s and their mom’s lives as well. He chooses to become a drug runner. When a drop goes wrong, Kyle looks for help and when he finds it, it’s not the kind of help he should be taking: his life or the life of his sister. Kyle’s character never changes in his story but it doesn’t diminish him at all. He’s a protector from start to finish.

The second half of the book jumps ahead in time almost a year. This is Mia’s story. In the first part of the book, she’s a happy young girl who believes in love and happy endings. In the second part of the book, she is depressed and closed off. She no longer believes that she will have her happy ending. Mia meets Jase; he’s new to town and the college she’s attending. She immediately attracted to him. He’s the ultimate bad boy. Throughout her story, you will see Mia grow and change. She starts to come out of her shell and trust and love again.

While I enjoyed parts of this book, I didn’t enjoy the whole thing. Parts of Mia’s story don’t make sense to me, especially when the book again skips forward in time and she’s got a new nickname that is never explained. You’ve got Mia, Jase and their friends all living together in one house. You don’t find out what happens to her mom or the stepfather. While the author does let you know that this is not a HEA book, she does not in any way prepare you for the mother of all cliffhangers that the book ends with. It left me feeling very conflicted and like I had to make my own conclusion to what happens to Jase and Mia.


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