Jahleel (Loving All Wrong, #1) by S. Ann Cole (Review by Melanie – #NerdGirlVamp)


Title: Jahleel (Loving All Wrong, #1)

Author: S. Ann Cole

Published Date: April 8th 2014

Genre: Contemporary Fiction


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This. Book. Is. About. OBSESSION

It is NOT a traditional romance. 

It deviates from the norm. 

It defies…EVERYTHING. 

This. Book. Is. About. OBSESSION

A TRUE-ly fabricated story about Love & Obsession…

I’m an idiot. 
I’m too stupid to be human. Too stupid to live.
I lack common sense. 

I used to be a normal human being. Until the guy in the red hoodie. Just a glance, and I was owned. Enslaved. 

What’s worst? He didn’t even notice me. 

Yep. You guessed right: I’m delusional. I’m obsessed. I’m a stalker. A martyr. A masochist.

I’ve allowed my obsession to lead me down into a deep, dark pit, selfishly hurting everyone around me, and only his requited love can pull me out of it.

But I won’t apologize for it. I won’t apologize for being in love with Jahleel Kingston. 
I’ve loved him at first sight. I’ve loved him for five empty years. I’ve loved him through all his bullcrap and asshole-isms. 

I love him even now. 

My name is Saskia Day. I’m British. I’m famous. I’m stinking rich. And this is my pathetic story. 

Read at your own bloody risk.


***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***Melanie -#NerdGirlVamp’s  Review***
This book certainly lives up to the description given. It is indeed a tale of dark obsession and it definitely not for everybody.

For the most part it is well written and allows you to follow the character down the dark path she has chosen and the consequences that come with it. The style of writing didn’t work for me personally in some places although I could see why the author did it the way that she did.

The ending was not really what I expected and having read the afterword I personally wish that the author had gone with her original plans. I am sure she did get a lot of comments based on the original ending and people not being satisfied, but for me it would have worked and I feel would have stayed truer to the original description.

Overall it was definitely an interesting read and I appreciate being given the opportunity to read it. If you are looking for something a little different I would say give it a shot!



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