The Guardian by Aneta Cruz (Review by #NerdGirlPatricia)


Title: The Guardian

Author: Aneta Cruz

Published Date: May 1st 2014

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy


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 Dr. Josef Stein was trained as a man of science and rationality, but after a tragic experience, he believes that there is something within—or even without—the human body sciences cannot explain. And Stein would do anything to witness it! When his patients begin seeing a ghost, and a woman suspected of killing her child even accuses this spirit of the crime, Stein takes it upon himself to investigate. Unexpectedly, evidence of a supernatural phenomenon starts to mount. The good doctor’s quest to see is ignited with fervor. He thinks he is on the verge of uncovering the veracity of a thousand-year-old myth when his research gets interrupted by the Gestapo. Stein turns to his colleagues and friends for help, but they begin to suspect that the doctor’s determination may have unhinged his mind. Has Stein, after years of treating the crazy, gone mad himself?

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***#NerdGirlPatricia’s  Review***
 The Guardian is a dark paranormal tale set in Prague during the time of the Nazis. Dr. Josef Stein, a doctor who treats the mentally ill, is convinced of the existence of the human soul. He’s led a life with significant tragedy. His son was diagnosed with epilepsy and died in the midst of a seizure long ago. While holding his son’s dying body, Josef saw a wisp of white leave his son. From then on, he sought proof of the soul’s existence. Through the years his beliefs expanded until he decided that the mentally ill were not actually ill, but that their souls had somehow become parted from their bodies. His thought was that if he could find a way to reunite a person’s soul with their body, that they would be cured.

The Guardian follows Josef through his trials with dealing with the Gestapo. He tracks down the legend of Magdelena, a ghost who lost her son years ago and now claims children’s lives. As the book progresses, the stakes for Josef rise until the feared conclusion.

The first few chapters of this book feel longer than they are. The author explains a lot of the history of the Nazis in Prague and much of Josef’s everyday life. There were details that felt extraneous and passages that meandered a bit. But once the book progressed past the first third, things moved quickly and by the last half of the book I didn’t want to stop reading.

All in all a very worthwhile tale of some of the darker parts of the world’s history.


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