Angel Omega: Imprisonment by Brandon Lee Godbee (Reviewed by Katie, #NerdGirlKtLBLy)

Angel Omega Imprisonment cover

Title: Angel Omega: Imprisonment

   Author: Brandon Lee Godbee

   Published Date: December 16, 2013

   Genre:  Fantasy


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After struggling for several long months, Jason and Sarah Wyatt are expecting a healthy baby boy. How could they have known that the young child growing in Sarah’s womb is the banished soul of the youngest archangel of heaven? His crime is so unspeakable that it seems unreal.

The archangel Gabriel has sworn to watch over him, for he alone knows the truth about why the archangel Omega would defy his eldest brother, Michael, and bring the Antichrist before God. Could one act of kindness save the darkest of souls?

 ***Contains Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***

paragraph divider 18***Katie, #NerdGirlKtLBLy’s Review***

 I thought this was a very interesting take on angels and demons and Heaven and Hell. However I liked the very first part the best. The second part was good but for me fell a little flat. The story starts out with Jason and Sarah wanting to have a baby and after trying for a few months nothing happens.

The angels Gabriel and Michael have been watching them and decide to help them out. Their younger brother Omega has done an unspeakable crime so Michael decides that his punishment will be to be born again with Jason and Sarah as his parents. Michael had also planned for the baby to be stillborn so that their brother could come back up to Heaven, however Lucifer interferes with their plan and takes another baby in his place.

Gabriel is forced with his siblings to watch through a portal their baby brother grow up again away from them. With Omega out of the way Lucifer plans to attack the angels of Heaven and try to take over.

Like I said I liked the beginning portion about Jason and Sarah and their lives and I wish there was more of that in the story. It cuts back from what is happening in Heaven and Hell and then once in a while will cut to Earth and Omega’s story.

Overall it was very well written and had a very interesting take on stories that a lot of people know.

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