The Mysterious Mandolin by Aneta Cruz (Reviewed by Patricia, #NerdGirlPatricia)

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Title: The Mysterious Mandolin

   Author: Aneta Cruz

   Published Date: November 26, 2013

   Genre:  Dark Fairy Tale/Fantasy


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The Mysterious Mandolin is a tale of two stepsisters whose love for one another must overcome death, wickedness of dark magic, and bullying. This fairy tale juxtaposes the light and the dark side of characters and settings, while it examines the lengths to which people would go in order to achieve what they most desire.

***This is a fairy tale, which means there’s darkness here, but it’s told in a way that teens can and should read.  Perhaps very young readers under the age of 8-10 should not read unaccompanied.***

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The Mysterious Mandolin is a dark fairy tale. It’s the story of Rosalynn, a beautiful girl who is neglected and rejected by her step-mother, Dethdemona. Mathelda, Dethdemona’s daughter, is half human and half troll and though is not neglected by her mother, she is bullied and controlled by her. Still though, she develops a love and friendship for her half-sister.

Dethdemona concocts an evil plan to tear apart the kingdom and avenge her sister’s death. She will trick the king into marrying Mathelda by using Rosalynn’s beauty and desperation for her step-mother’s affection. The plan, as you will hope, goes horribly wrong.

This was a quick and delightful read. Like most fairy tales, there is a fair bit of darkness here, but the story is told in a way that keeps you reading page after page. You’ll cheer for the good guys and boo the bad guys. You’ll cross your fingers and hope that Dethdemona gets what she deserves.

At 87 pages, you can easily start and finish this in one sitting and you will definitely not want to put it down.

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