Do I Know You by C.J. Vermote (Reviewed by #NerdGirlJulie)

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Title: Do I Know You

   Author: C.J. Vermote

   Published Date: May 13, 2013

   Genre:  Thriller/Suspense


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Sara lives in Washington State and as a young woman knows the meaning of tragedy. With an inheritance most of us can only dream of, she takes a vacation and finds herself face to face with Rob, a childhood boyfriend. What appears to be a chance meeting with Rob is anything but that. Though Sara has dreams and intuitions she should be listening to, she ignores them and allows the fast paced romance with Rob lead to marriage. Sara loves her new life until tragedy strikes, leaving her to fight for her life…alone.

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This book is a 3.5 star read for me. This book is eerie from the start and filled with menace and foreboding. It is reminiscent of the 1960’s thriller Wait Until Dark or a Hitchcock film.

Sara is an unbelievably naive heiress who has not had the benefit of enough legal counsel before she encounters Rob, a man she first knew from her childhood. Rob is driven and devious. His motivation feels like revenge throughout the book; I kept expecting some revelations that would expose the historic tie between Sara and Rob that expose his motivation for his actions, but I did not get that satisfaction.

This debut novel is rich. The characters, albeit somewhat unbelievable, were well developed. The premise of the story is good. I found the beginning half of the story to be slow, but the pace improved in the second half of the book. The dialogue felt a bit contrived. The suspense built into the book made it a page turner. The building tension will have readers hooked. I’m looking forward to more from this author.

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