Give Me Love (Reason Series, #4) by Zoey Derrick (Reviewed by Stephenee – #NerdGirlSteph)

Give Me Love cover

Title: Give Me Love (Reason Series, #4)

    Author: Zoey Derrick

    Published Date: February 19, 2014

    Genre:  Romance, Paranormal, NA


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***This is Book #4 in The Reason Series and should not be read without first reading Give Me Reason, Give Me Hope, and Give Me Desire as they are all continuations of each other.***

Mikah and Vivienne have crossed that line and their relationship now borders on breaking through the walls that have been put in place. Their relationship has only just begun, but the forces around them are determined to keep them apart.

MIKAH BLAKE has been fighting with himself, discovering who and what he is has been harder than any challenge he’s ever faced in the past. But there is one thing he knows for certain – he will stop at nothing to protect the woman he loves.

VIVIENNE CALLAHAN’s past has left her with scars for her future. Scars that only one man has managed to wipe away. But will those scars stay away forever? Or will Vivienne be forced to face her past once again in order to move on to their future?

Reason Returned…

Hope Blossomed…

Desire Exploded…

Will their love take flight?

***Contains Graphic Sex, Violence, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***

paragraph divider 18***Stephenee, #NerdGirlSteph’s Review***

The perfect ending to the series….I have loved these characters since I “met” them in book 1 and have been looking forward to each book since then. I think that the author has ended this series perfectly, however, she did leave an option open if she wanted to continue it later on.

Viv and Mikah have the perfect life…until they realize that someone is trying to kill her….yep…just like that you become hooked! The story reels you in an doesn’t let go, which to me is an amazing thing!

This has quickly become one of my new favorite series and authors have been found in the Reason Series. Add this book to your TBR list sooner rather than later and you won’t be disappointed!

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