Spoon-Fed Addiction by Silvano Williams (Reviewed by Derek – #NerdGirlDad)

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Title: Spoon-Fed Addiction

    Author: Silvano Williams

    Published Date: November 25, 2013

    Genre:  Thriller


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Spoon-fed Addiction is a first-person account of the last moments in the life of Adiran P. Battlefield; a sarcastic, nihilistic, yet charismatic young man determined to descend into the darkness that surrounds him. A small time drug dealer by trade, Adiran gives you a front seat ride into his mind as the night’s events unfold. The story begins with a diary excerpt however, of a girl proclaiming her love for Adiran–a love so strong that 2 months after his death she follows in his footsteps and commits suicide to join him in the after-world.

Adiran’s night begins like any other, full of self-loathing and irreverent observations about the world around him, typical of a person that has grown in an environment of drugs and apathy. As the night goes on, Adiran’s own grasp of reality unwillingly slips from him, forcing memories of painful events to resurface. Through his own process of self-discovery, he remembers details from his childhood, and most importantly, about the person who he considered the love of his life–Veronica. The eventful night that ended her life is the primary cause for Adiran’s spiral of constant sorrow and discontent. The murder of another one of his friends is what sets in motion the chain of events that make this night his last one alive.

Spoon-fed Addiction is a psychological thriller novella, driven mainly by Adiran’s inner dialog as he tries to find a way to exact revenge on the person responsible for his friend’s death. Putting into question his own perception, Adiran glimpses something hidden within the shadows, a supernatural force that may be responsible for the events that ultimately lead him to his death.

Take a ride into an almost familiar world as dreams become nightmares, lives become failures and flawed perceptions of a reality tainted by things unseen give way to horrible consequences.

 ***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***

paragraph divider 18***Derek, #NerdGirlDad’s Review***

I have two complaints about this work – First it was annoying to know the end before even reading the first word, and even though the actual end of the main character was not as simple as I expected, I missed the suspense.

Second that it was so interesting that it did not last long enough for me. I confess to knowing little of the life of a small time drug dealer before I read this, but the account of the descent into his own personal hell of Adiran was so well described you felt he was a friend who needed your help.

Adiran’s friends, both the young men and the girls, were equally well described and seemed real.

It was well up to the standard I have come to expect from this author and I recommend it.

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