Black Hills Angel by A.C. Wilson (Reviewed by Kat – #NerdGirlParanormal)

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Title: Black Hills Angel

   Author: A.C. Wilson

   Published Date: December 10, 2013

   Genre:  YA Contemporary Romance Series


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ANGELS. Do they exist? Do they offer comfort? Do they clear the way to good things to come? Do you know who they are?

Andy Martin is a single mother to a beautiful baby girl, Harper. It’s been tough. Her family wants to know the father’s name. She promised never to say. Her family wants her to give up the child. She can’t do that either. So Andy is cast out from her home and forced to move to Rapid City, South Dakota to live with her ailing grandmother. Darker forces still at work, her grandmother dies and Andy is forced to go her future alone. Mother. Father. Provider. It all starts to crumble.

Matt Johnson has lived in South Dakota his entire life. Growing up near Hot Springs on his family’s ranch, Matt knows the power of family and loyalty. Waking up to a screaming baby and crying woman in the hallway outside his friend’s apartment was not exactly how he thought he’d test those beliefs. As soon as he meets Andy Martin, there is a crazy connection he just cannot deny. Something tells him to not let go.

If you found your own angel, would you let them go? Could you accept that even angels have their secrets?

 ***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***

paragraph divider 18***Kat, #NerdGirlParanormal’s Review***

Andy Martin is a stressed out, worn out single mum that has a day that just keeps getting worse, when she breaks down in the hallway of her apartment block, Matt Johnson wakes up to hear a commotion going on outside the apartment where he is staying for the weekend… He goes to investigate and he takes one look at the frazzled beauty crying on the steps surrounded by baby paraphernalia and holding a car seat containing screaming baby… and dives into help and ends up spending the day with the pair, he becomes smitten with both mum and baby. Andy feels a connection too, but is very wary… But she falls hard whether she likes it or not!

Their fledgling romance is hindered by Andys fears and secrets and also Matts Stalker Ex Girlfriend.

As you read, you get involved with their journey as their relationship deepens and you begin to wish and hope that they get their HEA… and to find out I recommend you buy the book and read it yourself.

The writing style was free flowing, the characters were nicely developed and I grew to love them all… with the exception of the Ex and at first Matts Mum!

I am guessing we will learn more about Matt’s family in the other books to be published this year and they are on my TBR list now.

The book is filled with hope, romance but also a bit of mystery in regards to Andy’s past and Matts Ex causing drama that the pair have to conquer together.

Overall this story was a lovely trip into a world where men still rescue a damsel in distress and that if you let yourself trust again you can have that HEA.

I am definitely going to add Ms Wilson’s to my Author Watch list.

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A.C. Wilson

Author Bio/ Links:

A.C. Wilson lives in Abilene, Kansas with her husband, two sons, and their chocolate lab. She loves to be outdoors, playing with her boys and absolutely loves to write.

Her first two books were historical regency romances, Rockwell’s Lady and To Right A Wrong. The Black Hills Series came from her mother’s idea to use Hot Springs, South Dakota as a home town for the Johnson family. Everything about the Black Hills is enchantingly rugged and of course, there are cowboys!

Check out her young adult contemporary romantic series. Black Hills Angel (Book 1), Black Hills Blessing (Book 2 releasing in April) and Black Hills Rebel (Book 3 releasing in August).

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