Dangerous Lovely: The Story of a Girl in First and Third Person by Sunita Torres (Review By #NerdGirlSteph)


Title: Dangerous Lovely: The Story of a Girl in First and Third Person

Author: Sunita Torres

Published Date: January 12th 2014

Genre:  Biographies & Memoirs


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 I wrote this book as a follow up to the song “My
Testimony” which touches on bits and pieces of my life.
This book has also been requested by the people who
have heard my song or heard me speak at various
venues. There is no easy way to write down the story of
my life, no easy way to take a magnifying glass to my
own history, but I hope that this work of love is not in

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***#NerdGirlSteph’s  Review***

It’s always hard to review a book based on someone’s life. I feel like they should always be a five star rating just for them having the guts, ambition and drive to overcome their past and put it on paper for all to read.  The past is what defines our future and some may take that past and let it ruin them and some will take that past and make themselves stronger.  In Sunita’s case she has used her past to guide her and to help understand what others go through so that she can make herself and those around her better and stronger. I admire the things that she has written in her book and the way that she was able to stay strong and not let them bring her down.  I feel that her book is something that anyone with a history of abuse or suicidal thoughts should read so that they can see that they are not alone and that there are people out there that they can talk to and use them as a guide on how to overcome these feelings.

I can’t say that I enjoyed reading the book because there were parts in the book that were not enjoyable but they are facts and things that have occurred to Sunita.  I think that the book has a smooth flow, the writing style is easy to understand and that you can feel the author’s pain as you read through the story.  I admire her for being able to put these words in print and I also admire that she was not afraid to let her true thoughts be known throughout the book.  I think that people should read this story and know that not everyone has a happy childhood, but your life is what you make it into.  Good job with this Sunita and I am proud to be able to say that you have taken your life and made it into something that is so worth it to your friends, family and loved ones.  Thanks for writing a book that makes others understand who you are and how you became that person.

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