The Shroud by David W Moore III (Reviewed by Derek – #NerdGirlDad)

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Title: The Shroud

    Author: David W Moore III

    Published Date: October 12, 2013

    Genre:  Horror


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We have the technology to clone human beings. But do we have the right? We have the ability to play God. But what if we could clone God? We can… And already did. An ancient prophecy predicts a dire future as past and present intertwine into a deadly dance of power with mankind as the ultimate pawn.

paragraph divider 18***Derek, #NerdGirlDad’s Review***

This book was so interesting that I read it at one sitting of less than three hours which will tell you that it is worth the five stars I gave it, and I note that I am not the only reviewer to give five.

As you can tell from the synopsis it takes the fact that we have the technology to clone a human being and postulates that a group chooses to clone Jesus Christ. The hope, even expectation, of the priest leading the group was that the second coming would solve all humanity’s problems. That he was mistaken and the description of what happened as Christian grew up will keep you turning pages until the end.

This book is so well written that one can easily forget that it is not an account of actual happenings and I look forward to reading subsequent books in the series.

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