Forbidden Bond by Jessica Lee (Reviewed by Cassie – #NerdGirlLola)

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Title: Forbidden Bond

    Author: Jessica Lee

    Published Date: February 13, 2014

    Genre:  Paranormal Romance


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Eion Mandrake, wolf shifter and rising alpha, has a secret. The years he spent at school in Little Crow Pass, Wyoming wasn’t just for a typical high school education. He’d been sent to learn all he could about life as a human. What he wasn’t counting on was his best friend’s younger sister, Olivia Wilson. Somehow saving the little daredevil has forged a forbidden bond between

them. Pack law dictates no shifter and human are allowed to mate, leaving Eion no choice. He has to leave Little Crow.

Twelve years later, Eion’s returned, and all he wants is to get in and get out of town as quickly as possible. Yet, the moment he runs into Olivia he realizes the bond he’s carried for the human has flamed into a forbidden love. One that’s burning hot and out of control.

Problem is Olivia has a new man in her life–one she can count on to stick around. She’s doing her best to move forward and forget her childhood crush. However, Olivia needs Eion’s help, forcing her to allow him back into her life. But if Eion lowers the walls around his heart to become Olivia’s hero once again, it just might destroy both their worlds.

 ***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***

paragraph divider 18***Cassie, #NerdGirlLola’s Review***

I really, really liked this book. It’s a great story about the heart wanting what it wants, Pack Law be damned. The book is well written with relatable characters and good dialog.

I have to admit the only character I really didn’t like was her new man, Taylor. I felt like he was too pushy and most of the time I wanted to slap him upside his head. I’m not sure if the author wrote him like that on purpose but I really just didn’t like him.

This story, in my opinion, has a moral at the end and that is: Always following your heart may not be the easiest path, but it is a path that leads to great happiness.

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