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 Title: Holding Her In Madness

Author: Kimber S. Dawn

Release Date: March 22, 2014




Leo’s Story of loving A Woman Gone Mad

Fuck first love.

Fuck fate.

And Fuck You.

I’m Leo and this is my side of the story. This is where I came from, where I’ve been, and where I’m at…this is the story of a man that loved A Woman Gone Mad. I’m not telling it because I’m searching for absolution, pity, or even understanding from you, I’m for damn sure not telling it because I give a fuck what you think about me. I’m telling it because its MY story and if you don’t like it…Suck it.

If you’re searching for a happily ever after, a prince with a glass slipper searching for the princess to sweep her off her feet…I’m sorry but this isn’t that story.

It’s about pain. Obsession. Regret. And time lost.

I fell in love with Lil back when we were way too young, I fell hard and I fell fast. When everything else around me was spinning in circles, she was the only sure thing that stood still.

When you finally get your happily ever after it’s supposed to be happy.

But like I said this isn’t that story…

It’s just me Holding Her in Madness, fighting against Lil’s demons in the middle of fucking hell.

***Warning: This is not a shy and tender fairytale love story. It’s a raw, tragic, and gritty story inspired by true events. This book is not for the faint of heart, it contains graphic language, sex, violence, and drug use. MATURE Audiences Only. Not intended for young adult readers.***

Tina – Nerd Girl Mama’s ARC Review


    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star


If you have not read AWGM (A Woman Gone Mad, book 1), then you need to read it first to fully feel and understand HHIM (Holding Her in Madness, Book 2).

When you first start reading the prologue you are at almost the end of the book, and Kimber wrote this book in the same format as the first book.  Then in chapter 1 you’re taken back in time to when it all started, and this time from Leo’s POV.  I loved this book as much as I did the first one and I hope I will not repeat myself too much in this review.  Kimber’s writing is amazing, outstanding and she pulls you in and keep you reading until the end.  There are a few more characters to this story and Kimber does not disappoint you.  I have to say it again, Kimber writes like she has been writing for years, she knows when to give you what you need and when to wait for the rest.

You get to know more about Leo the main character for this book and how this heartbreaking love story with Lillian took place from his POV.  You get to know a little more about some of the other characters from book 1 and there are a few new characters, Annalise and her story with Leo is also heartbreaking.  You are drawn into this story from the very beginning and you will never want to put this book down until you finish it.  Kimber paints you a picture so well that you are there during every moment and you feel all of it.  As you read this book you remember book one and it gives you the rest of the story parallel to Lillian’s story in book 1.

As the synopsis says this book is not for the faint of hearts it has everything from foul language that famous F* word used a lot, to the depth of hell more than once, tragedy, violence, sex, abandonment, self loathing and hatred, drugs, alcohol, but then you also have passion, hope, humor, love, and that all not everyone finds epic soul mate love.  Kimber takes you on this rollercoaster ride from teenager to adult with raw emotion, and you will feel every emotion with her, happy, sad, sexual passion, love, hatred, self loathing, anger, and so much more.  I found myself going from one extreme emotion to the next and my heart broke and ache for Leo throughout the book even though I wanted to slap him a lot.

The epilogue does take you further into the future and answers the questions you were left with from book one and for me it round out the story and you finally see the HEA of this gut wrenching story.  I loved how in the end it brought all the main characters together and made you feel like it was one big happy family with friendship, love, and the completion of two soul mates epic love for each other.

I tried to give you a review without spoiler’s as I do not like them in reviews, but it was hard as this Book HHIM is utterly one amazing book and I hope I gave it justice, as some of you will relate to part of this story as I did as I remember my past.  HHIM reached into my soul and touched me to the core of my being, and I am sure that this one will touch you just as much.  I recommend this book to everyone; buy the book and the first one too and you will not be sorry, it is a must read and do not forget to buy the box of tissues as you will need them at times as you will laugh until you cry and cry until you laugh.

I would give this book 9 star if I could, but it gets all 5 that I am allowed to give.  One last note as I know that this is the end of this story, but I do hope that Kimber S. Dawn will continue to write more books, and this one will definitely stay with me forever and I am a true fan of Kimber’s.

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About the Author


Who is Kimber? Shit, sometimes even I don’t know, lmao. However if I had to type up an author bio (which, son of a bitch, I do) this is how it would read. BTW, caught a lot of shit for this author bio. Really don’t give a fuck though, because I was asked to type up a bio. And if I can only say one thing for certain about myself, it’s this: I’m real, I don’t back down from what I believe, I say what I mean, and I mean what I say. I don’t bite my tongue and I never try to hide the ugly parts of who I am… You either love me or hate me, but if you love me… I’ll always be loyal, no fucking matter what ;)

I can be called a billon different things—daughter, wife, mother, labor unit nurse. I sell pussy on the side. *Coughs* That would be Persian kittens, thank you…you dirty-minded scoundrel. I’m a book blogger, book pimp, and a book whore. My two indulgences are my Jack’s in life…Jack Daniel’s and Blackjack. My biggest dream, the day I’ll acknowledge that I’ve succeeded in life and can I die a happy woman, is the day I get to go two stark-naked hour-round sexual bouts with Jason Statham. *Sighs*

I was born and raised in Louisiana… and No, I do NOT live in a bayou, I actually see the beaches on the gulf coast more than I see a bayou, lol. I started writing poems and short stories very early in my life. You know, for the Michaels and Leos and Nicks in my life. I’ve been a book hoarder since I was eleven years old, but then a couple years ago something wonderful happened! The 50 Shades of Grey craze brought to life my inner smut whore and I commenced to read anything and everything smut affiliated. When reading wasn’t enough anymore and I noticed that so many of the authors of my favorite indie authors and their books weren’t getting the exposure their work deserved, I turned it into a mission, starting my own blog, buying their books and reading them one by one. I then wrote my reviews for my blog and didn’t hold back in writing them (Hell yeah those motherfuckers a profanity laden). I’ve never done a single thing in my life halfway. I always go all in. After the success of my Blog, and the insistence of one of my bestest friends, my sister from another mister, Trina Taylor of Bad & Dirty Books, I was ready to finally take the plunge and see if I could write a book that was worth a damn. I’m a Southern girl to my core, a self-proclaimed smut whore, and I keep hearing that I’m an author, but honestly… I don’t believe the rumors, lol. I don’t feel like a kickass bitch spittin’ out lyrics, or stories, like a motherfuckin’ rockstar.

Tattooed across my ribs are the words I have always lived by: ‘Aut viam inveniam aut faciam tibi.’ Latin for: If I cannot find a way, I will make my own.

If you want to contact me, give me a shout out at 3am because my story just decimated your work day potential, or hell if you want to stalk me (I’ve met some of my BFF’s that way, don’t judge a stalker, they are awesome, fun, kickass bitches) follow me on these links:

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