Black Hellebore (Heroes of Falledge #1) by Nicole Zoltack (Review By Derek – #NerdGirlDad)


Title: Black Hellebore (Heroes of Falledge #1)

Author: Nicole Zoltack

Published Date:  Oct 12th 2013

Genre:  Paranormal


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 Once a year for the past decade, Nicholas Adams returns to Falledge and leaves a black hellebore on his girlfriend’s grave. While departing Falledge, he chases after a man sneaking into the laboratory and dies for his trouble. A witch brings him back to life, but Nicholas soon realizes he’s not the same man. Turns out, magic combined with a black hellebore in his pocket changed him into a kind of a super man.

His girlfriend’s twin, Julianna Paige, is Falledge’s deputy, struggling to solve several murders. Nicholas, and his alter ego the Black Hellebore, helps her, even as she helps him move on and even start to love again.

Unfortunately, Nicholas wasn’t the only one changed in the laboratory explosion, and now there’s a supervillain bent on destroying Falledge, and killing the Black Hellebore. But falling in love might prove more dangerous than any supervillain.

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***Derek – #NerdGirlDad’s Review***

I read this at one sitting of two and a half hours which will tell you that it is worth the five stars I gave it. I look forward to reading books two and three in the series, but point out that Black Hellebore can be read as a ‘stand alone’  and it does not end with a cliff-hanger.

The synopsis supplied is well written and the story does not disappoint.  You will identify with Nick or Julianna, according to your taste, and I guarantee that if you can accept the existence of a witch and magic you will enjoy the experience of following their adventure.

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