Dark and Stormy (Sacred Hearts Coven) by Felicia Starr (Review By #NerdGirlSteph)

 Dark and Stormy

Title: Dark and Stormy (Sacred Hearts Coven)

Author: Felicia Starr

Published Date: 1/13/14 (RePublished 4/8/14)

Genre:  Paranormal Romance


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 The sisters of the Sacred Hearts Coven gather every month with one intention, to ignite a flame of passion into one lucky person’s love life.

Regina’s work is her driving force. She strives to be the top of her game, but there is a large thorn in her side—Reddick, her apparent nemesis. His confident and somewhat arrogant persona makes her blood boil, but as the saying goes: there is a thin line between love and hate.

Will a touch of magic have Regina opening her heart to the unknown? Or will she run from this storm only to be crushed by her greatest fear?

***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***
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***#NerdGirlSteph’s Review***

I enjoyed reading this book, the story pulled you in quickly, and kept you hooked, however, the ending also came just as quickly and left you wondering what was next? This is it?  I felt like there could have/should have been more about the Sisters of the Sacred Heart and what their larger role is in the series. They seem like they play a pivotal role in the series but we didn’t learn much about them, how they came together and why they choose to help people to find love, enrich their lives and make connections. I felt like I was missing out on these details in the story.  I did enjoy the story behind Regina and Reddick but that too felt like I was missing some important details, such as why were they chosen? Who decided that they would be a good match? What makes the magic work? Just the details that I would have enjoyed that were missing.
Overall the story was a good one, that I enjoyed and I would try another book by this author. She made the characters feel like they were people that you would meet on the street, that you would become friends with and want to spend additional time with, just the overall amount of details needed some attention and expanding upon.

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