The Witch, the Wolf and the Vampire by A.K. Michaels (Reviewed by Stephenee – #NerdGirlSteph)

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Title: The Witch, the Wolf and the Vampire

    Author: A.K. Michaels

    Published Date: December 29th 2013

    Genre:  Urban Fantasy, Romance, NA


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Urban Fantasy: Peri has been running since she was fifteen – using her magic to stay safe. ‘They’ can track her magic tho, so she has to use it sparingly. In Vegas, for a cash in hand job, and things turn nasty! She knows the amount of magic she would have to use to escape unscathed would bring ‘them’ right to her. Before she can use the vast magic required two males appear and aid her. One a wolf, one an ancient vampire. Josef, the vampire, and Gabe, the wolf, are more than a little interested in this skinny girl. What ensues shocks both of the strong males – this girl is more than a stray, more than a witch – it looks like she is a mate – for both of them!? Will Peri stay? Will they keep her safe? Who, if any, of the two will she choose? Just how much power does this stripling of a girl have locked inside her? Adult content in this book!

 ***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***

paragraph divider 18***Stephenee, #NerdGirlSteph’s Review***

As soon as I saw the title of this book I knew that I had to read it. It had 3 of my favorite types of characters, a witch, a wolf and a vampire. I was slightly disappointed as I started the book as the beginning was a little choppy, it did smooth out later on, but it wasn’t easily forgotten as the story continued to unfold. There were also many grammar errors and misspelled words throughout the story which was also a bit of a turn off for me. It seems as if the editor needed to give it another run through to double check for these types of errors. There were also some wording issues as I don’t think that all of the author’s words transferred to the proper English word.

The relationship with the witch (Peri), wolf (Gabe) and vampire (Josef) was unlike other stories that I have read. The storyline was definitely engaging and held my interest, however, at times it did seem to be a bit too wordy. I would like to have seen each of their individual abilities/powers demonstrated a bit more throughout the story and less time spent on pampering Peri. Peri was much more likable in the beginning of the story when she was tough, eager to take down the bad guys and self sufficient, once she moved in to the penthouse she became a different character and was not as enjoyable to read about. She was almost like a love sick teenager, when it didn’t seem like that was going to be her type of character. The story didn’t exactly have a flowing ending, it just abruptly seemed to stop, but it wasn’t a “cliffhanger” stop, it was just the end. The reader is then encouraged to buy book 2 to see what happens to the three of them next.

The author has the potential to make this a really remarkable series, however, she needs to improve the grammar, spelling and plot. She needs to focus on building the characters and the bond that they have before she moves on to another aspect of the storyline. I would love to see her work on the storyline flowing more smoothly and not completely around the sexual relationship that they share. Overall it was a good read it just needs some basic tune ups to make it a great read.

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